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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Honestly I’ve never loved an entire Steps album, and that’s ok. Their highs are usually SO high that it doesn’t matter, and this album is no exception.
  2. I’m struggling to pick a favourite right off the bat with this album, because of how strong everything is. Whereas with Tears On The Dancefloor, it felt like “this is very clearly my favourite”.

    So at the moment, I’m inclined to say What The Future Holds is better. Who knows if that’ll remain the same after having the album for a few months?

    Heartbreak In This City would be my choice for the next single, I’d love to hear that chorus on Radio 2.
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  3. Heartbreak in this City hits instantly.
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  4. What the Future Holds, To the Beat of My Heart, Heartbreak In This City, Come and Dance With Me and To the One are my standouts.
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  5. I'm in the 'love it' camp and my favourites change more than H's. There are play-throughs that last forever because I get stuck replaying Something In Your Eyes 18 times and others I more or less skip the singles/buzz tracks and live for One Touch, Heartbreak In This City and Father's Eyes. I'm gobsmacked at how much I love Come And Dance With Me as well, because on the first listen I scoffed it out the room.

    I will say that Something In Your Eyes is the only track that hits the dizzying heights of Scared Of The Dark, One For Sorrow, Etc. But not everything they do can be the last 2 minutes of Chain Reaction.
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  6. From the songs we didn't hear before, One Touch and Come and Dance with Me were my faves after the first listen. And after having the album more or less on repeat for two days those two tracks still stand out for me.

    My faves right now:
    - What the Future Holds
    - Something in Your Eyes
    - One Touch
    - Come and Dance with Me
    - To The Beat Of My Heart
    - Heartbreak In This City
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oddly I'm in the 'skip Future and Eyes to get to the new stuff'-mood. I think I had a similar thing with Buzz and Stomp/Summer Of Love and especially Better The Devil, I hower have no need yet to skip the two ballad buzz single which sorta confuses me.. I guess they're still more fresh?
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  8. jtm


    I‘m very obsessed with Clouds today.

    Is this virtual club night on Facebook only or will it be streamed elsewhere (YouTube)?

    Not to late to rewind and see them on The Edit. H and Claire are interviewed in the first five minutes. Nothing new but BBC Scotland showed us how you can actually put a Zoom interview together well. Also, who knew that Tragedy could transition so well into Something In Your Eyes?
  10. For various reasons I always tell myself that charts don't really matter. I guess I learned that after Britney's Blackout. It just would be amazing for Steps to get that #1. Although I know that #2 is great as well.
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  11. I think this is the thing with this album compared to Tears is that we’ve got used to almost half the album before we heard the rest of it. Tears we’d only had Scared and You Make Me Whole.

    I wonder if it might have been better if they hadn’t had given us Hold My Heart because in the context of the album, it’s this album’s Stay With Me/You’re Everything That Matters and was criticised unfairly because of the worry of the album being too ballady
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It definitely would have given me one more song I loved at first 'sight'
  13. I have tried thinking what songs I'd use in a Set List. It's a hard task.

    Opening Section
    1. What The Future Holds
    2. Here And Now
    3. Come And Dance With Me
    4. Chain Reaction

    Blue Section
    5. Neon Blue
    6. Deeper Shade Of Blue
    7. Better Best Forgotten/Clouds

    One Foot In The Past Section
    8. Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    9. Last Thing On My Mind
    10. Stomp
    11. After The Love Has Gone/Summer Of Love
    12. Something In Your Eyes

    13. 5678 Interlude (I can't see how it can be topped from POTD)

    Cool but Calm Section (stools on B stage)
    14. Hold My Heart(beat)
    15. Father's Eyes
    16. Its The Way You Make Me Feel

    Party Section
    17. Better The Devil You Know
    18. Heartbeat In This City
    19. Tragedy
    20. One For Sorrow

    21. One Touch
    22. Scared Of The Dark

    My ideal list would look something like this... But I'm full prepared that Under My Skin will appear over Father's Eyes.
  14. Claire’s Wildest Dreams just got played in the background to HRVY’s VT - on Strictly Come Dancing
  15. I’d LOVE them to be bold enough to switch Tragedy for Scared of the Dark in the encore.
  16. So looking at Spotify plays. The new songs averaged around 15,000 plays on the 1st day on release. Compared to Gary's new songs averaging under 5K. Now Steps aren't going to add an awful lot from Streaming but every little helps.
  17. His YouTube views are dismal, too.
  18. My CD still hasn't arrived (I think it's a conspiracy because I didn't buy any bundles) but at least I have Spotify. I'm really loving Come and Dance With Me and Under My Skin.
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  19. MB


    Are Steps' any better?
  20. The chaotic energy of this Facebook live already.
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