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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Perhaps H and Lisa can persuade the Welsh government to put a ban on non-essential Gary Barlow album sales in the supermarkets.
  2. This. It's just interesting to compare the data we actually have.

    Their sales are gonna be frontloaded with preorders and multibuys but just to be at the point where they're outselling other number 1 albums from the year, outselling the 3rd-10th placed albums combined, and doing it all in Q4. Even if their sales drop off a cliff for the rest of the week, it's still very impressive and they should have top 2/3 guaranteed.
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  3. Pretty sure he said “thank god you stopped me...” (from possibly saying something he wasn’t supposed to), and Lisa said he/they had done well.
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  4. Just caught up with the H and Claire interview on The Edit (BBC Scotland) - what a great bit of promo! The blueprint for it all!
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  5. No post by the official account yet but it appears on the Radio 2 site that Steps are appearing on Michael Balls show tomorrow (Sue Perkins is Standing in).
  6. To The Beat of My Heart is the one this is going to go off on tour

    I'm hoping for an easy to replicate dance routine
  7. Father’s Eyes is really rising to the top as my favourite of the album. Understated 80s excellence.
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  8. This track is the standout for me. Steps and Xenomania are a brilliant combination. I do hope we get a performance or video soon - something like Kylie’s Infinite Disco staging would work a treat for this song.
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  9. MB


    Or a video set in a blackpool arcade maybe?
  10. Budgets and all that ha ha
  11. I had to Google popsockets and thought for a second it was popsocks.
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  12. My issue with Father's Eyes is the production. After the beat kicks in after the first chorus the song goes nowhere, musically. It's one note until the end of the track. No build up to the chorus or musical / harmony changes... I really struggle to see what appeals to people who seem to love this one.
  13. Father’s Eyes is the worst thing on the album, by a long mile.
  14. Fathers Eyes is great. It's so atmospheric, a mood. It's not really a big banger but it does go places. It has a weird late '80s/early '90s vibe and yet sounds really current. I love that lyrically it's a bit weird for them and it's not the standard pop love song.
  15. I do like the lyrics but musically for me it doesn't go anywhere... I'm not expecting it to 'bop' or be a 'banger' it would just be nice to hear the song do something but other than the beat kicking in it falls rather flat.
  16. For me it's one of the best on the album. I don't think it falls flat after the beat kicks in. I love that "Oh I, got my humanity" bit which is repeated and there's all kinds of overlapping vocals and harmonies.
    It's a good thing I think that so many of us have different favourites.

    Has anyone mentioned yet how the first verse of One Touch kinda sounds like it's going to lead into One Night Only?
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  17. That's cool. For you it's one of the best on the album but I think it's the worst, so it just goes to show how people gravitate towards different things. In time it might grow on me. Out of curiosity, which is the worst track for you?
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  18. I still really dislike Come and Dance with Me. I like One Touch, but I am a bit iffy on the Synthetic sounding strings.
  19. I’ve found that some of the tracks have clicked into place with me over the weekend! I fully adore seven of the tracks and on a 12 track album that’s pretty good going.

    That said there are three tracks that I still find totally unlistenable at the moment.

    Come and Dance With Me has a great chorus in isolation - in fact I love it - but the surrounding verses and production is so bad, especially those opening strings and that scream at the end.

    Heartbreak In This City does nothing for me and I can’t get past it sounding like the Pink Windmill Kids. Production wise it sounds like something off an S Club Juniors album and not in a good way.

    And finally To The Beat Of My Heart. I feel like there’s the potential of a good bop there but again something about the production is off for me, like the slurred vocal in the chorus. The demo was so much stronger. This is Xenomania? The same Xenomania that did Untouchable and Call The Shots for Girls Aloud?

    But this is by no means a complaint. We have had two absolutely storming singles and there are plenty of songs I adore on the album.
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  20. W2K


    The accuracy
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