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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm really enjoying Hold My Heart on my current play-through. It's not the strongest ballad, but it's pretty in a John Lewis Christmas advert type of way.
  2. The Xenomania sound really goes well with unapologetically pop acts. I hope this is a good indication they may work more together in the future. I'd love a Xenomania album (minus the ballads as I think they're a bit poo in that respect).
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  3. I think a lot whole album with Xenomania would be a huge mistake. To The Beat Of My Heart is a stand out track, but I think 12 or so of those would be too much. That’s not the Steps sound people know and love.
  4. The thing is, not every song has to go somewhere. It is obviously a low key track, laidback, restrained, whatever you wanna say. I find it very emotive and also sonically a really nice change for them, there’s space in it and it changes even the sound of their harmonies. It’s a breather, and for me it’s a lot more interesting than something like “Under My Skin”, which we’ve basically heard before on the Claire solo album, and is generally more traditional as well. I think it’s a case that this album has something for everyone, but not necessarily multiple tracks for everyone! For me, the production and vocals on “To The Beat of My Heart” are far too chaotic to enjoy but I know many here love it, so I’m the opposite, that goes too many places.
  5. SBK


    Steps have closed the gap a bit overnight, however Ball & Boe sales also shot up a lot.
  6. I get that. Since I discovered it sounded like the Pink Windmill Kids, it’s taken me so many listens to actually enjoy it because every time I heard the chorus all I could think about was a bunch of kids flailing their arms and legs around manically in leggings and ankle warmers! I’ve had to push past it.
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  7. Barlow, Ball and Bop, can the horny grans let us live.
  8. They better have extra formats ready for next week. Drain us dry Steps!
  9. I’d always welcome a Xenomania contribution. Maybe 2 or 3 songs but I think they’ve got a good balance of songwriters contributing.
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    If only it was Ball & Bops, it wouldn't be so bad...
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  11. I completely agree with you in that aspect. I feel Xenomania can do well in small doses but struggle when they have more to work on. They have that sound that nobody else has been able to replicate and I feel Steps fit that pop niche that seems to have disappeared off the UK charts the last few years. To The Beat Of My Heart is the standout aside from the chorus vocals, and I feel that has to do more with Xenomania than anything else. But I agree that a producer album might be detrimental rather than beneficial as their song structures and writing goes completely against the Steps formula.
  12. Barlow and Miley album adverts have appeared on TV while we're waiting for Steps on Sunday Brunch.
  13. Would anyone else be apposed to some self penned Steps songs in the future?

    I wouldn't be.

    You know the likes of the 5 tracks on Buzz are proof they could pull it off. Especially Turn Around and Never Get Over You! Even 'R Dancing was great.
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  14. Sunday Brunch just showed ads for both smiley and Gary. I mean come on!!
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  15. They're on BBC Radio 2 now, in case everyone is watching Channel 4 and missing them.
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  16. I have nothing against Xenomania breaking out of the Steps formula. I think it’s more that To The Beat Of My Heart is ultra cheesy, like a Xenomania interpretation of what Steps is about. Rather than “can we craft something Xenomania for Steps?” it’s like they were asked “do you have any leftover cheese lying about?”

    It’s a double shame that people are saying they love it “in spite of the vocals” because the vocals above all are usually top drawer.
  17. This album keeps getting better on every listen.

    Regarding the tour, I would love for them to include as many album tracks as possible, though having such a huge back catalogue I don’t know if it’s possible.

    Also hoping they switch things up and dont have One For Sorrow/Tragedy as the encore.
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  18. I did... Anything new?
  19. Apparently Sia wrote the lead single. Apart from that, nothing new yet.
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  20. In regards to, To The Beat Of My Heart. I would have loved an instrumental break after the middle 8, before the last chorus. Something like Girls Aloud's-Girl Overboard. That would have elevated the song, no end!
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