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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Faye’s hair on Sunday Brunch. Icon.
  2. MB


    Awkward interview but promos promo!
  3. I know Promo is Promo and it's a good thing.

    Yet personally, as a fan, I get really bored of these "fluff promo" slots. I know they are they to raise awareness for the general public and that is important. I just wish for much more detail, context and substance.

    But yeah, Faye's hair is Iconic, as always!
  4. H: "We're giving the fans exactly what they want." Except a release week live performance, it seems.
  5. Fixed it.
  6. I thought that the slot in Sunday Brunch was decent promo. H was well behaved, and again they look perfectly styled. I missed a lot of the Radio 2 one so maybe that was the awkward one?
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  7. This, you would think that BMG would have arranged this for our Pop Titans. Unless they have any planned for the latter half of the promo week. And with decent quality as well. I do appreciate that the current climate makes this hard to do for a group. But they could have arranged something really awesome for this weekend.

    Yet the sales so far are total testiment of how great the fan base are. Well done guys!
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  9. They keep saying they have lots of secret stuff in the bag. Hope that includes some performances that will be released this week.
  10. On the livestream on Friday, they were shown asking someone off camera when the performances they filmed in September would be shown. There wasn’t much of a response. I truly don’t understand the point of sitting on this stuff.
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  11. SBK


    Xenomania can do sad bangers, they don't have to go 'cheesy' to work with Steps.

    Can't wait for the To the Beat of My Heart promotion, Mollie will finally get the recognition she deserves.

    The promo is to sell records and tickets to people who haven't already bought them, for fans that watch everything, they'll get pretty boring... Even pre-covid, most interview are the same, we as fans just normally forget it once as we usually get a live performance.
  12. Some of it may be tied to TV shows that won’t show this week or the next single but they must have thought to record something that would come out this week.
  13. Lee


    Its pretty amazing if steps have sold 21k+ already this week!!!! Looks like top 3 is achievable!!! Does anyone know the first week sales for Tears?
  14. It seemed like it's just Under My Skin they recorded (but then that begs the question, what were those glasses with screen lenses for?) and apparently it's ''coming soon''. I know that promo is promo and I will forever listen to 4-hour BBC East Anglia shows to hear them talk for 42 seconds, but there is value in recording a performance and putting it on social media. Surely they must realise that we will splash money on them on the slightest whim. Give us Lisa serving Under My Skin, and we will buy everything for the 12th time.
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  15. 37,624
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  16. 1,400 sales behind. Plugged the gap by 200 sales. If they did that the whole week they’ll miss it by 200 sales. This is gonna be a tense week

    This could actually come down to streaming. Who would have thought??
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  17. Nah, Barlow will widen the gap considerably tonight and tomorrow, after Strictly.

    It's absolute madness that they've filmed performances and don't seem to be putting out any of them during release week. I can almost accept it if they're reserved for specific TV shows (though what??), but they're all together right now. Get in a fucking room and perform a couple of bangers and just check them online. Literally anything would help.
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  18. GB will open the gap after Strictly.
  19. Are they still itunes no. 1?
  20. After Gary has been on Strictly tonight, the gap will widen and he’ll take a slightly more comfortable lead for the rest of the week I think.
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