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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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  2. It's been £6.99 since Friday hasn't it? It's holding up very well though - knocked off #1 by a NOW! Christmas album. Michael Ball seems to be climbing, I think potentially any of the generic supermarket-fodder Christmas albums could be a threat to Gary and Steps to be fair with us going into December. Hopefully we'll get a clearer picture tomorrow from the official update.
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  3. you are right! for the life of me thought it was £9.99.
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  4. Visage is such a professional and sure knows how to plug the album. I’d love to see a Steps song on Drag Race.

    Has anyone here from America bought the vinyl? Amazon UK won’t ship it here and I’m desperate for it.
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  5. When Hold My Heart’s chorus kicks in I can’t help thinking of Britney’s Born to Make You Happy. The melody seems similar. Maybe it’s just me!
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  6. Barlow has had an interesting reaction on Twitter!
  7. Have to agree, if we have to compare, I’d say Clouds is most like ‘After All’ but only slightly and nothing else on Steps album has any sort of All Saints vibe really. It’s an odd comparison.
  8. In a good way or a bad way?... Not on Twitter, find it toxic!
  9. Clouds gives me September Sun vibes.
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  10. I’ll give my little review when I have time, but for now I’m going to say their new album is 10/10. I just finished listening to it, and I’m so impressed. A steps album that’s pure perfection.
  11. Gosh... I rest my case! #toxic

    I want Steps to beat him but I wish people weren’t so bitter and negative. I’m all for jokey nick names but there’s got to be a limit surely.

    thanks by the way for sharing x
  12. What does that have to do with Steps? Gary has his own thread where you can post reactions to his performances all you want. I'd prefer to come to a Steps thread and actually see posts about Steps.

    It's all this totally unneeded nastiness that ruin threads, especially during release weeks for albums. You can enjoy the music and not have to drag/insult the other people who happen to release albums the same week. What next? Are you all going to drag up images of Miley and slut shame her or make fun of her?

    I don't even like Gary but enough is enough. Steps are going to get a top 3/5 album and decent sales, that's what matters.
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  13. Yeah there’s literally no need to be nasty. Also whoever said “gay super villain vibes” should be reported.
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  14. Oh my. But still would his hardcore fans or the netmums take notice of this? Probably not.

    Just glad to have Steps back!
  15. I’ll stop being hating Gary Barlow when he pays some tax and isn’t a Tory.
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  16. Come on guys, we’ve been warned. Let’s not drag it out any further now. Let’s move forwards.
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  17. Their Royal Variety performance was fun. LSL really goes for it. Queen.
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    it was a a amazing performance.Lisa really nailed her ad libs at the end.
  19. Oh awesome. Was it a good vocal performance?
  20. I nearly screamed at her ad libs at the end and had to stop myself when I realised my camera and microphone were on!
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