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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I heard she wants all the formats.

    Be a good son.

    Star Lily
  2. Pay day for me tomorrow so I’m buying a few more formats :)
  3. Me also!
  4. I'm loving this album, bit less instant than Tears but that's not a bad thing at al! Singles aside I'm living for Father's Eyes (especially when Claire's voice goes all Robocop before the beat drops), Heartbreak in this City, To the Beat of My Heart and... Don't You Leave Us Halfway. So pumped for Brighton concert now, but Nov 2021... God!

    I've also, for some unknown reason, gone back to page 1 of this thread. Wow, this forum was on a different plane back in 2006. A Horror Show!
  5. I just bought the pink vinyl and another signed copy from HMV. If you buy the vinyl you get the CD for £5 instead of £10.

    (I’m plugging it so Queen LSL can have a rest.)
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well I knew You Make Me Whole was a cover but this particular version's new to me?
  7. I just bought the six cassettes and might get the Chalky's Christmas card edition too. 5,6,7 sales.
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  8. SCREAM Look at all of us basically surrendering our bank cards to them.

  9. I am primed and ready for the surprise extra format drop tomorrow - only for nothing to happen
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  10. Is there anyone who is buying copies within UK and shipping internationally?
  11. I’d be happy to do that for you. A sales a sale!
  12. I really think we will get a surprise drop of some sort, Steps are heavy on formats but they've got options - signed versions, digital deluxes, new format drops, new bundles, further iTunes discounts, buy a format to win a Zoom call. With it being this close, I can't see them going down without a fight. I'll be proper disappointed if it stops at a Chalky's Christmas card, I want to be completely rinsed.

    For formats as well it's worth checking the Townsend store as well as Steps' official store - despite being powered by Townsend, some things only appear on the Townsend website itself, not the artist store.
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  13. Listened once through and while I enjoyed it it's not anywhere near as much of a consistent album as Tears. I think songs will grow with repeated listens but while there are highs here, some of it is quite forgettable.
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  14. To The One is the one for me tonight.


    My reports that my 5 most played artists are:

    J-Lo, Nick Carter, Alanis Morissette, Nick Lachey and Steps.

    The 90's are never really gone.
  15. Agreed - I'm very surprised by the seemingly low amount of praise for it!
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  16. Was waiting for payday, but finally I have just purchased my album. Now it’s all guns blazing and non stop streaming till Friday!
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  17. I'd be surprised if Rylan couldn't grab them a slot on It Takes Two. Especially as Faye is a former contestant.
  18. Are Chalky’s CD with Christmas card UK shipping only?
  19. I’m in love with To The One now. But at first, I wasn’t sure. Although it’s got a normal pop song structure, there’s something jarring about the intro. It starts in a minor key, then as soon as the verse starts it suddenly shifts to a major. Very Pet Shop Boys. Now I’ve got use to it, it’s in my top 3 off the album but it has a very odd chord structure on the first few listens.
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  20. To the One is definitely the song which keeps growing on me the most.
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