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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Mine too but then they've been signing the cards over the weekend so I wonder if they've just pressed the ship option to register the sales this week

    It's looking like our only other bonus this week is the signed CDs at HMV
  2. Hate to say it but I think they dropped the ball on the merch front - Barlow has even released a calendar and mug option, and I would say Steps merch could be a lot more aesthetic given the band's glossy image. Not sure why this is something that didn't happen, even if not in bundles, just in general.
  3. I still don't get why they haven't put out a 2021 calender. I mean the title speaks for itself really!
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  4. Gary is 4.99 on Amazon, they should cheapen Steps to 3.99.
  5. I don’t think BMG (or anyone for that matter) thought they had a chance for #1. Ive said it time and again that there’s not enough faith in them. They are always put on the back foot. They could have had Kylie sales this week.
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  6. No.
  7. That chorus of Heartbreak In This City is just the campest most amazingly shimmery fun thing I have heard in years. Then when Claire comes in on the middle 8 for that big disco inferno glitterball assault. It's so good!
  8. Uno


    Agreed - it's a shame the verses are kind of dull though.
  9. The chorus is so Kylie, like something from Light Years. It's pop perfection. I think the slower verses leading into the chorus would be better live.
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  10. I think the verses are OK. I do love the build up the chorus'
    Yet H's line should just be given to Lisa. There was no real need for him to be on this song!

    But another great setlist contender! It's very Steptacular!
  11. If Gary does get the no.1 spot perhaps he'll drop the following week and Steps might stick around? Do we know of any big releases coming this Friday? Perhaps Steps are after longevity this time and BMG would prefer the album to be a steady seller.
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  12. Come and Dance with Me would have sounded actually perfect if the intro was an actual tango sample intro instead of that cheap sounding whatever it is.
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  13. MB


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  14. What's these Night In and Night Out digital versions of the album? Says they have live videos of Under My Skin and acoustic versions and all sorts?
  15. MB


    You get acoustics, remixes, the videos, performances (same set up as the one show) but of the singles and under my skin.
  16. Just bought the digital albums bundle too!
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  17. These digital albums are genuinely really good.
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  18. Never clicked buy on anything so fast without actually having a clue what it was.
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