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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Got the signed vinyl
    Bless these angels for letting internationals buy!
    Love when bands don’t half arse it!
    Get that Sharpie out girl
    I’m still salty
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  2. Acoustic SIYE has just melted me completely... I am in a puddle on the floor... i'm scared to open any more files
  3. Thank you! Just blamed my Zoom freezing to work on poor internet rather than Steps and their Steptacular Monday stunt.
  4. The CONTENT. Gay rights.
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  5. And here was me dragging them across the floor for sitting on performances that we were dying to see. Consider me humbled. At work just now but can't wait to see the videos later.
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  6. SIYE live video is pretty much a Flara duet and I am HERE FOR IT!
  7. I haven't brought the album yet as I was waiting for them to inevitably add signed vinyls but now it's actually available & I'm ready to buy it I'm wondering what else they could potentially add as the week goes on
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  8. The Saint mix of Heartbreak In This City starting directly with the chorus is gay rights.
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  9. SBK


    Kylie's was underwhelming in comparison. I was not expecting a whole album of remixes.
  10. I've just pressed buy and thought about what I actually bought afterwards! I got the signed vinyl and CD.
    I'm VERY excited by the performances and acoustics!
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  11. Get ready to find a new love for 'under my skin' - if you've not really liked it before. Sit down harmony singing, smiles to each other and amazingness. I genuinely don't know where, who, or what I am right now.
  12. Oh yes! The Saint mix of To The Beat Of My Heart is now going to be the standard version for me.
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  13. Night in and Night out versions of the album, YES BMG!! And for only 4.99, come on number one!
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  14. anything will be better than the messy main version - can't wait to get to it
  15. I've been sucked in yet again and ordered the signed vinyl.
  16. The acoustic versions are gorgeous. Just lovely.
  17. to be fair... the remixes are just as lovely (so far)
  18. This Under My Skin performance - WOW
  19. Fathers Eyes Shanghai Surprise Edit is a bop.
  20. That Night In Edition is lovely, especially the Under My Skin performance.
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