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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. (that thumbnail, scream)

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  2. W2K


    Watching the old videos in HD has really put a smile on my face. They really are great pop stars. Yes, the budget was mostly nonexistent, but they themselves sold every look, every move, every serve to the camera.

    Also Lee’s ass in Speedos in the Last Thing on My Mind video? I live.
  3. It's funny how the camera is on Lisa singing but then Lee gets out of the pool in the background and the focus shifts to his ass. It's like every gay's POV watching the video.
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  4. They knew their audience, even back then.
  5. Yeah I just wanted them to do more of the Spanish pop sound - “Summer of Love” and “Paradise Lost” are my all time faves!

    They have done more of this sound since with “September Sun” and “Come and Dance With Me” following that same sound, but I loved all the Spanish pop in 1999/2000.
  6. I found the original version of Mars & Venus on an old external hard drive - last play dated 06/04/2014. I thought it was gone forever.

    Now to find that cassette with the studio version of R Dancing on it...
  7. Don't forget to share!
  8. W2K


    That was his solo moment.
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  9. Definitely! Although I've not seen the tape for a good 15/16 years, I'm hoping it's at the bottom of a box somewhere. I'm fairly sure the first studio version of Never Get Over You, still titled Start It Again is on it too.
  10. Eeeeeek, that's so exciting.
  11. I'm 95% sure it was also on there because I can remember being disappointed with the album remixed version of Never Get Over You after loving the wedding bell intro.
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  12. Interesting hearing all the old merch you guys have. Didn't have internet access as a kid (would of been around 8 at the time) So live and kicking was my main source of info (skipping to CDUK just incase they was on there too). Never even knew when the albums and singles were out remember going to my local asda every week and looking at the single and album charts.
  13. Is the pink edition of the vinyl rare?
  14. No it's not a limited version and is still available to buy on their store.
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  15. My friend spent all of 1988 (from when I Should Be So Lucky was first a hit in Greece) taking the bus downtown and going to the record store to ask if Kylie's debut was out, till it was, in August. He was 16 too and not a kid like you. I mention it every I see him.
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  16. Album’s down to #77 on today’s chart
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  17. MB


    Do we know how it’s doing sales wise and how it compares to tears position 6 weeks post release?
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  18. I don't have exact numbers, but it definitely sold quite a bit under 1,500 this week.

    Tears sold more than 2,500 in its 6th week at number 34. So it has clearly fallen faster.

    Hopefully sales might get a bit of a boost if they're able to do any kind of small promo for the next single.
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  19. It was certified Silver this week
  20. I was just about to post the same. Not a bad result considering the climate right now where most of the UK is in full lockdown and loads of artists struggle to get any level of certification. Hopefully with another single/promo push they’ll manage another gold record by the end of the campaign.
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