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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. In some way it's a small miracle Scared of The Dark made the official top 40
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  2. W2K


  3. W2K


    No Steps for Mighty Hoopla.
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  4. MB


    Yet....Although I doubt it.
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  5. Out of interest, did Light Up The World ever appear at all?
  6. Number 23 on 22nd October 2012 was its 'peak' but the records from that far back are hourly rather than daily, I think it finished it's highest day at 76 or something like that.

    Edit: It was down to the low 300s the end of its second day, from what I found on Google.
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  7. So are we just getting a lyric video?
  8. MB


    Like. what the actual...

  9. Exactly what was reported and we all thought they would never. Shame to go from the amazing Something In Your Eyes video to unstable face shots and lyrics. Oh well. I am sure we will be pleasantly surprised on Wednesday.

    Also, 5pm release time? In conjunction with something else?
  10. I'm really not a fan of lyric videos (despite my love of the lyric)
    Let's hope that a real one is also in the can!
  11. Hoping we do get a proper video later.

    This kinda just looks like a staff night out to the arcade.
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It might just have turned out to bad to call it a proper video?
    Looks also very 'intended for december release'
  13. That would be my thought: too ropey to release. Wouldn't have hurt for the camera to be in focus in some of the shots?
  14. I reckon it'll just be a lyric video for this single. They wouldn't have had time to shoot both lyric and music video in the time-frame they were at that location surely, and there would be no need for a lyric video if there's a music video anyway. The fact there was no promo or press release also leads me to believe there's no PR on board for this. It seems like it's a "for the fans" low-key situation. While I'm not a big fan of the track, it is a bit of a shame, given we got a third video when they were independent for "Neon Blue".
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  15. Lees just won twenty quid on the fruit machine.

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  16. That parking sign in the YouTube still is giving me Story Of A Heart green wheelie-bin vibes.
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  17. They all look amazing as per and I love any pro footage of them all together tbh. With things as they are I completely get why budget isn't being spent on this. Save it for the tour and eventual re-release.
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  18. A lyric video dd

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  19. Could a Lyric video also be planned for Heartbreak In This City? As Faye said that "they have something planned" for it?

    Like a mini series of Lyric Videos?
  20. SBK


    It was reported as a lyric video in November, so unlikely.
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