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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. We can but hope.
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  2. It would be so pointless.
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  3. Yep. That's my opinion too. Even an acoustic Abbey Road album would be the wrong path in my opinion as a standalone release. It might work alongside something else, but as a standalone I think this should be steered away from.
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  4. W2K


    Definitely steer clear of Abbey Road territory.

    I'd be here for Steve Anderson's studio versions though, as I've said a million times before.
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  5. If anything it wouldn’t surprise me if they want the ball to keep rolling without a “break” since everyone in the world right now can’t wait to escape their homes where they are locked up with the families. If anything, the album roll out was literally six weeks physically together with a few months of Skype calls beforehand - all sitting at home while trying to not tear their hair out with home schooling.

    The interview with Topham/Twigg was really intriguing, surreal and the last thing I was expecting to read today! There seems to be a confidence with the future of Steps that wasn’t even there until the later stages of the Tears campaign. It’s beautiful to see.
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  6. I'm not one to doom monger (anymore at least), but do we think that once the 25th anniversary is done with that they may take a break again or announce that that will be it?
  7. I’m certain they’ll be a longer break purely because they would have been on the STEPS treadmill for a while. They’ll probably come back for the 30th.
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  8. From a personal point of view, I really hope not. They've always said that as long as the fans are there they'll continue so I'm sure they'll have downtime and eras for as long as the demand will be there - especially now their the makers of their own destiny!?

    For those who were saying LSL looked so down during bits of promo last time round - she is loving life in the To The Beat Of My Heart snippet we've seen.
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  9. LSL's eye make up in that shot looks so odd like her eyes are upside-down. Also... please can someone clarify 'dd'?
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  10. I hope so. I just hope that either way they let us know their intention if they do decide not to carry on at any point.
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  11. I'm over the drama of this being a lyrics video now and the snippets genuinely look quite good. Faye is serving 'I'm a popstar' like only she can and Lisa looks like she's really into it.
  12. Honestly Faye is the only one that ever looks like she wants to be at these video shoots these days and that she’s really into it.
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  13. Faye does seem to want to embrace Steps more than the other 4.
  14. Final got the proper bluray case of Party on The Dancefloor concert didnt like the cardboard case released from LiveNow. Hopefully they have plans to release the next tour too - Did they have to reserve sections for the cameras on the last tour for cameras etc?
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    I was told that when the original dates were booked for this tour that it was to be their last. But things change, and the fact that they’ve not properly been able to get out there and promote this album might spur them on to do another. Who knows?
  16. I'm sure they've more than hinted that there are no plans to stop any time soon?
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  17. I’d like to know this myself too.
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  18. Is it a "treadmill" though, really? I should think they've got a very nice work-life balance now. They'd be mad to wait another 5 years when there's money to be made.
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  19. True, but it will depend on how they feel, the situation with their families (kids will be doing their respective qualifications). Other ambitions they want to do etc. I don’t think after the 25th anniversary it will be the end, but it wouldn’t shock me if the gaps got longer. Obviously the more eras we get the better but whatever decisions they make, I respect it.
  20. Sis.. Have you actually watched these?

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