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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. This lyric video is missing a few lyrics
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  2. W2K


    I mean. The lyric video was...nice.
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  3. For being a lyric video, I'm not mad at it at all. They look amazing.
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  4. ... is there a version where the words are not taking up the screen and blocking the nice footage? Also... Lee's looks to camera.... I'm possibly now in love with him.
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  5. I liked that a lot. I know a few people were nervous it was gonna be just static images and comic sans but it was cute. It felt like a tour backdrop? The cassettes in the grabbers at the end was a cute touch!
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  6. Well the Lyric video was very cute (abet a little bit cheap)

    I did love the boys play fighting in it though. Adorable.

    And the cassette product placement slayed me!

    Some good looks in it though.
  7. I mean, I feel the lyric video would be more enjoyable minus the actual lyrics...
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    So who didn't like their miming shots? Cause I feel Faye at least had them but they got blurred and covered with lyrics..
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  9. Only now! Haha
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  10. No, it’s a lyric video.
  11. Ok but Queen LSL absolutely serving at the end.
  12. Aw that was really cute.
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  13. It does seem kind of odd not to even mime the chorus. Maybe they didn’t know the words at this point?

    For a video that was clearly done very quickly inbetween other commitments, I like it.
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  14. It’s a shame though. The lyrics are the worst part.
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  15. Lee


    Fayes wig slayed!
  16. Can we get a ‘fan demanded’ version without lyrics?
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  17. I mean I’m doubtful they even had to play the track on this shoot at all - I bet it was more like “look like you’re all having fun”, “smile at the camera” - there would have been little to no need at all to actually play they track while filming...
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  18. MB


    Nope, not a fan. They couldn't even mouth the chorus in their solo shots? The less said about Lee's stupid face the better and why he had to pull it all the way through the video.
    They have an amazing track and it got served with this. It would have been better just with the solo shots and them miming along with a few inserted dance machine group shots.
  19. It’s not Light Up the World on QVC terrible though, we just need a version without the lyrics flashing on screen...
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  20. So...a proper music video! Haha
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