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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Here's hoping they can keep up the promo over the next 5 months
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  2. This is incredible

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  3. Has anyone else ordered the fleece-hoody-blanket thing from the merch store?

    I’m considering buying this too because my flat is absolutely freezing at the moment and it looks really cozy!
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  4. MB


    Just Claire and Faye on the one show tonight it seems. I was hoping we'd get LSL from Dubai as it would be gone 10pm over there so she'd obviously be drunk and start slagging off Claire.
  5. I love the Faye & Claire album cover.
  6. Mental images of LSL doing massive eye rolls and taking humungous gulps of wine every time Claire utters a word.
  7. W2K


    Is there a reason why S Club 7 are in this post or...?
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  8. Is it an implication that the next H&Claire will be Faye&Claire?
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  9. W2K



  10. I’ve noticed this too over the years about Lisa and Claire, thought it was just me but I get the impression they don’t really like each other much.
  11. Isn't it 22 years ago?
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  12. And I thought Miami 7 debuted more in the late spring months. I could be wrong though.

    I don’t get the link between that and Faye and Claire?

    Edit: I’ve just googled and it was in April. Strange, it felt like I always watched it in the summer
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  13. It was definitely 22 years ago.
  14. Same....

    perhaps he meant to include this?
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  15. Finally got round to listening to the acoustic version of Heartbreak In This City today. I really like that it isn't just Steps singing with a single acoustic guitar or piano player, but rather seems to be a fully produced (albeit "stripped") version of the song with lots of great elements throughout.
  16. Was watching old concert footage of them the other day and it never really bothered me as I was kid at the time. But how they mimed everything back in the day. They didn’t sing one note live for like 5 years apart from to add their vocals to an album or a single. I understand mining on cduk and the like but charging people for a concert where they didn’t sing a single word live. But then again the public loved them regardless and they still became the biggest touring act like ever so what do I know haha
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  17. Don't get me wrong a LOT of the old concerts was mimed, but there was also at least some live singing - usually the slower songs. I've been tempted to rewatch all the old vhs's and make a list of the actual live stuff.

    Worth noting that Sclub sung even less live than Steps did.
  18. Oh I’ll have to watch the ballads back I even thought they mimed them too.
    Surprised sclub7 sang less live always got the impression steps did. Surprised they where never fussed about wanting to sing more live with you have like Claire in the group who loves to sing. Don’t get me wrong their shows where amazing just surprised they where happy to lip sync everything it seems for 5 years but people still paid to go to like every tour. Even the most who did mime on the chart shows sang live on tour
  19. I remember being a little annoyed at the Gold tour... when they mimed to pre-recorded live vocals. Seemed a bit cheeky, like at least be honest about it.
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