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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Surely it’s better that they made the effort to re-record “live” vocals than use the original studio vocals, no?
  2. In On the Road Again H does admit they used to mime back in the day.
  3. But then some people might fall for the 'trick' and think they are singing live? It does seem bizarre looking back (or even very recently for acts like Britney) that a live concert would be mimed.
  4. Wonder why they where so scared to sing live? Mime over pre recorded vocals just seems a bit odd if you going to do that why not just sing live? I know it was a very popstar 90s thing to mime but I think steps did it the most
  5. It was a whole different era. I don't think people started getting bogged down with miming until the likes of Pop Idol and X Factor came along. That really seemed to signal the start of an expectation to sing live, even promo performances.

    This is the only live promo performance which sticks in mind, for all the wrong reasons though. That transition into the pre-recorded chorus...

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  6. In fairness, I don't imagine it was ever a case of Steps being 'scared' to sing live, rather all sorts of politics around the time and cost of live mics, vocal rehearsal etc.

    It was so common place to mime back in that era that I can't even remember there being a particular backlash around Steps miming on tour, it was just a different time. Certainly it felt like the tide changed in the UK around 2005/2006 when the likes of Girls Aloud starting doing all promo spots live.

    In terms of the mixture of live vocals / dancing - the 'Party' tour was absolutely bang on, it didn't feel like anything was compromised at all.
  7. This...isn’t true. A lot of S Club’s actual concerts were 90% live even if they did end up over-dubbed when released.
  8. They performed live on Blue Peter.
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  9. I agree with all this. It’s so surprising that they didn’t loose any appeal from it and people loved them for it. I went to a Britney concert about 3/4 years ago I felt a little letdown she mimed everything in this day and age. It’s even more strange and shocking when they had a quality singer like Claire in the group she was still so happy to mine a tour and collect the cash at the end.
  10. SBK


    Most of them bar maybe one or two were mixed back in the day.

    At least they made some sort of effort. Was better than a 5th tour of the CD vocals

    Everyone mimed in 2001. It's not a case of people falling for it, that's what pop acts sold back then.
  11. As I recall, all performances had to be live on Blue Peter. Pop acts were banned at one stage because the BBC didn't want it to be just like any other kids show. But then a trade off was agreed whereby they could appear if they sang live, because that would be more unique.

  12. W2K


    Does it matter? People paid to see Steps regardless of them miming, so I think it’s nice that they made the effort to pre-record some vocals for the Gold Tour.
  13. From memory The Next Step Live tour was mostly mimed but the following were live;

    Since you took your love away
    I think its love
    Just like the first time (second verse live, the rest mimed)
    Say you'll be mine (at least Faye and Lee appeared to be live)
  14. Can we not with the whole dumping on Britney for miming thing? Or indeed anyone else. It's tired.
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  15. The funny thing is their mics where clearly on as they used to wip the crowds up into a frenzy in the middle of songs especially H with the ‘Ooh Ooh’ that I now associate with Steps concerts.

    It can’t have just been a 90s thing as I remember spice girls used to sing live in their concerts.
  16. I wasn’t bothered as a kid but watching old clips back with adult eyes it kinda cheapens any pop act that mimes for a full show. At least they’ve realised in their second time round they can’t get away with it anymore .
  17. Just watched the next step live, you can usually tell when the live bits are from when they get out the hand-held mics.

    Since you took your love away (Faye)
    One For Sorrow (First Verse only & last chorus ad-libs)
    I Think it's Love
    Just Like the First Time (only 2 lines of the middle 8 and the ending)
    Say You'll be Mine (only half of Lee's one line...?!?)
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  18. MB


    Do we really need to trawl up the fact they didn't sing live and discuss it at length? They do now so that's it done with. No point crying over spilt milk.
  19. Also don't forget that the dance routines were far more involved and a much bigger deal back then. You either danced or sang live, no pop act was expected to do both and acts who could dance is what a lot of pop fans wanted. Miming was expected and normal.
  20. Poor Lisa - they chopped out her bit
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