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Steps - General Discussion & What The Future Holds

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. A Gary Barlow duet would be worse than Experienced and the first Steps song I would ever delete from my music library, so let's not even contemplate that.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What if it's... a Gary Barlow version of Experienced?
  3. He's welcome to it!
  4. Good old Gazza.
  5. I love this and I love it even more that Nadine has liked it.

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  6. Tears On The Dancefloor is the one for me, I'm not sure what it is but after anticipating WTFH so much I really haven't listened to it much past release month. I like it but it's nowhere near as good as Tears for me.
  7. It's surely a massive cover, otherwise putting the track name wouldn't reveal anything?
  8. MB


    H said it’s a surprise and exciting. But with H that could mean anything!
  9. Still sounds like a cover to me, if it's just a new song that's not surprising
  10. SBK



    Could be anything, nothing suggests anything right now. Could be another Sia track, could be a band co-write, could be a predictable 5* cover, could be a Gary Barlow penned sad banger, could be Mitch Maddy and Derek's version of 5,6,7,8. There are plenty of ways a new track could be "exciting".
  11. Michelle is on ‘Loose Women’ in a few minutes. Just teased her as Michelle from Steps.

    Queen of promo.
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  12. It's Steps doing a medley of every UK Eurovision entry ever, because ya know Steps = Eurovision.
  13. I got a message on another forum over the weekend that I've just seen and... it appears as though there's someone trading / selling four tracks from the new album. Which seems off to me because on H's radio show last week, he made it sound as though the band themselves had only just gotten the first mixes back. Hopefully they're not going to have a leak situation on their hands.

    I've already heard the session singer demo of one of those four and it didn't excite me at all. The other demo, which isn't one of those four being traded was much better sounding. Lead single material.
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  14. It seems like they might have only heard demo versions. Which could greatly differ in the finished version.

    I hope they don't leak too but this doesn't sound "concrete" to me.
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  15. SBK


    He's been touting them since the tracklist was announced, is be wary, especially if he's asking for cash... I believe someone checked with management, and they were very surprised as the tracks hadn't been finished and we're unlikely to be steps versions, if they even had them.
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  16. He’s an ex user of this forum, and is certainly gaining a reputation. He’s had social channels removed more than once by Sony for copyright infringement. Management have previously intervened and asked him to stop sharing the material - but still he continues.

    He’s messaged quite a few people on discogs offering his list of tracks, and as I’m writing this sent me a friend request on Facebook - no doubt because he’s seen me post in various groups and wants to try to trade again.
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  17. MB


    I’ve been contacted by them as well. The 4 tracks do exist and they’ve got steps vocals on them but remains to be seen if they’re the final versions. But a so called “fan” who was/is known within this forum touting tracks for cash is outrageous. Then again id expect nothing more!
  18. What hes doing is all wrong, but it does beg the question how he receives them in the 1st place. A month or so ago he claimed he had the official instrumentals from What The Future Holds.. How the hell?
  19. Some fans have definitely had some of this stuff since last year, and I’ve heard of them selling access to the instrumentals and demos but don’t know how this certain person wound up with them because most logical fans avoid him like the plague.

    He messaged me on discogs too last week sending his list around hoping to trade and begging to know where to look for stuff. I mean. He probably believes track 11 is All Out Of Love (Band Version).
  20. I made the mistake of listening to What The Future Holds when it originally leaked last summer and it took away some of the excitement when it got released properly. It’s a shame someone is actively trying to spread these new tracks around.
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