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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Me neither. It was fine at the time, but we don’t need it anymore with Steve involved.
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  2. with so few 'ballads' they do need this as a slowy(ish)
  3. MB


    There’s a short clip on their Instagram story of Heartbreak. It doesn’t sound that different / anything like the instrumental.
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  4. I’ve always preferred the Sleazesisters remix of One For Sorrow.

    The mix used on the Gold Tour was glorious.
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  5. I'm... obsessed with Father's Eyes; Shanghai Surprize Edit at the moment. I've literally listened to it 15 times since yesterday afternoon.
  6. W2K


    Yeah the Sleazesisters mix was definitely the best for me up until the last tour.
  7. MB


    Upon relistening I can hear Michelle and there seems to be more of a beat behind it.
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  8. SBK


    Yeah, the Sleazesisters one was the best, probably one of their best mixes.

    I get why they went with the Tony Moron mix, they had the video ready to go, but yeah, I don't think they ever need to preform that version.

    Yeah, it sounds like a bit of a rework of the album version with the bass turned up.

    Might also be a bit of IG compression distorting it?
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  9. On the subject of remixes, I'd love this to be used on the tour to shake things up

    My favourite Steps song and my favourite Sleazesisters remix! They could start with the ballad version before the beat kicks in halfway through.
  10. From a rough memory as a ten year old. Did they use this as an interlude on the first Christmas tour? I’m sure I can remember the staircase of the castle (scream) coming down to it before they performed the radio edit.
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  11. W2K


    Your memory serves you well. You can hear it in the background here...

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  12. Yes as someone that listens to Heartbreak at least five times daily I spotted the difference immediately. There's more of a beat and a base line. Possibly some different instrumentation and vocal effects too but not easy to tell with Instagram's compression.
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  13. I wish we had more footage from that first Christmas tour. Even just pictures of the costumes!
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  15. MB


  16. TMI


    Seems like Faye vocals have been reworked as well on the Instagram clip ? Or is this Michelle ?
  17. I did think Faye’s vocals sounded different but I think it might just be the addition of Michelle on those lines in the clip. And maybe some little production changes. I don’t think aside from Michelle’s vocal much will be different, but it’s near perfect as it is anyway.

    The only thing I’d like would be a few extra Claire ad libs. I thought at first I wanted a more Claire-prominent chorus, but in some ways this makes a nice change for one single.
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  18. In that clip it sounds as if Michelle's voice is blended with Faye's so I wonder if there will be a Michelle moment? Surely she'll get the middle 8??
  19. Apparently not... Apparently none of the Steps' vocals have been taken away!?

    What's the chances of a worldwide itunes no. 1 tomorrow?
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  20. W2K


    According to whom? Because it sounds to me like the first line of that clip is Michelle on lead, with Faye taking over after that.
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