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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. If all of the girls were on the middle 8 and then it exploded into adlibs everywhere from all of them, we'd all be on the floor right now.

    This video is going to be a FEAST.
  2. W2K



    The production really amped it up for me. Wow what a moment etc.
  3. Middle 8 falls a little flat, but everything else is absolutely bang on.
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  4. The single on iTunes keeps coming up with “Not available in the UK”. Bloody Brexit.
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  5. Love the song! It sounds like Michelle could of recorded her vocals on a better microphone but I like it.
    It makes sense she took the middle 8th but agree the vocal production doesn’t pop like the original. Is it me or does she share Faye’s lines?
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  6. Lee


    I love it, it’s so camp!!!

    My Apple Music and iTunes is saying it’s not available in the uk, anyone else having this problem?
  7. MB


    Feel free to DM me this superior version!

    @Lee yep it doesn't seem to be working...
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  8. <india_ferrah_phoenix.gif>
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  9. I'm at odds with the "beefed up production" comments here, I think the album version was superior. But most of all, the mid 8 is ruined for me - that was the best part of the song in terms of how it reaches a peak, but having such a distinct lack of Claire in that part, and the fact she's barely audible in the chorus already, takes away from the song for me overall. I just don't see why they couldn't have had some interaction between all of the girls in that section, or even Michelle/Claire. It just feels like the whole thing loses momentum there.

    Anyway it's still a triumph of a song but I'll be sticking with the album version for my listening pleasure!
  10. I like it, but at this point I just don't see the point in it. They could have done with releasing the new single mix with just their vocals for me... Whatever promo they can get from it all the better, but like I say at the moment it feels purposeless - especially when we can't buy it here.
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  11. I didn’t realise how similar Faye and Michelle sound.. I struggle to work out who’s doing which bit at times.
  12. MB


    The point is the promo. It'll get them more press, more high profile performance slots, a possible drag race tie in, opening them up to a wider global audience, get the fans to buy a new version (it will be available at some point today once the technical glitch is fixed) so more income. I could go on...
  13. This is bloody brilliant. I liked the song originally but only in the context of it being better than all of the other album tracks. This new version elevates it to top tier Steps for me now. The extra flourishes really bring the much needed ooomph to the track.

    Could anyone tell me exactly which lines are Michelle as I’m having trouble distinguishing her from the other girls?
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  14. New Heartbreak merch too if anyone has a few hundred quid to spare lol
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  15. W2K


    Am I being stupid? Where's the merch?
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  16. The link I saw on ultimate Steps has been taken down. Tote bag/ mug/ T shirt with album cover / WTFH Hoodie with text on front album cover on back / tie dye tee all branded with the WTFH logo then they had black or white tees with the old logo/ branded watter bottle / wearable blanket/body warmer with old logo. Obviously someone saw it too early.
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  17. Me: yes!!
    My bank account: oh dear god no.
  18. W2K


    I need all of it immediately.
  19. Available on UK iTunes now. 59p.
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  20. Thank god most of that merch is horrific. Snatched the two album cover tees and a face mask and ran. This tend of putting the main design on the back of a tee or hoodie needs to be stopped immediately, it’s so ugly! They could have got another £100 out of me had they had the designs on the front of the hoodies.
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