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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. That's funny, it really stood out straight away for me. I think it's a massive improvement. Probably does come down to liking the song too though. I've listened to the original mix so often, that any changes would be really obvious.
  2. Tomorrow morning is Friday and loads of new releases will be fighting for the No 1 spot of a chart that is useless but cool stat for bios and TV intros.
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  3. Yeah it's nowhere near as subtle as the Neon Blue single mix. I can't see how it wouldn't stand out as different to anyone familiar with the original.
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  4. I love the new production and I’m glad they’re getting some exposure - but I’m not enjoying Michelle’s vocals, unfortunately. The middle 8 does not sound good.
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  5. Lee


    Number 1!!!!
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  6. I think Michelle sounds really good on this, including the middle 8.
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  7. Oh yeah definitely, I just hate that heart motif and I just want a hoodie with that big Steps logo on the front!
  8. W2K


    Agreed, Michelle is the worst bit about the song for me, but I can live with it because the new mix is fab.
  9. It's a shame they didn't switch the vocals to have a Steps only version of the new mix as track two on the single.
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  10. MB


    That didn't take long!
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  11. SBK


    Yeah, Neon Blue was so subtle it was barely noticable, this is clearly been reworked everything has been turned up and made clearer.
  12. Should of stuck a copy of the cd with some of this merch for a few extra sales.
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  13. The added/cranked disco strings are the best new thing.
  14. The fact that a new episode of Drag Race UK drops this evening probably won't do it any harm either if it crops up amongst the chat on social media later on.
  15. This is sublime! I love that Michelle is heard throughout the song and not just the middle 8, it makes it more like a six-piece lineup of the group than a feature. The extra bits of production and ad-libs also turn it up a notch to make it even more spectacular than the original. I wish them all the success with this.
  16. This new version sounds awesome. The chorus is so different and I'm not sure any of the original version is even still there. Michelle sounds really good and also surprisingly similar to Faye. Just unfortunate that the middle-8 was so perfect beforehand that Michelle was never going to improve it, but we knew that all along and the ad-libs make up for it.
  17. The new mix...does sound better with decent headphones. Radio doesn't do it justice.

    Yet I still prefer the original.
    Sorry Michelle.
  18. iTunes Chart update:

    #1 United Kingdom
    #3 Israel
    #11 Ireland
    #23 Spain
    #24 Denmark
    #32 Australia
    #35 New Zealand
    #36 Norway
  19. Go Israel!!

  20. Steps 2022 World Tour countries confirmed!
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