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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It was at 72k, 3 weeks ago, so it won't be more than 75k yet.
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  2. SBK


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  3. It might crawl to 100K and Gold by year end - especially if Part 2 can also give it a shot in the arm
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  4. Let's hope that Part 2 helps Part 1. I hope they help each other out and not outshine the other.
  5. So Dubai is staying on the Red List indefinitely it looks like - I wonder if at some point LSL and the family will move back to the UK? £1700 and a hotel quarantine from time to time may be worth it though if she really loves it.
  6. Seeing as she has a successful business in Dubai I doubt it.
  7. MB


    The list is reviewed every 3 weeks. It might end up on the amber list next time or the time after. We’ve got plenty of time before the album and tour. Let’s not panic. It’s worked fine her being there for the past however many years so I’m sure it will do going forward.
  8. Joe still continuing to do promo!

  9. I'd be happy if Neon Blue and Story of a Heart were dumped. Better Best Forgotten as the slower ballad version from the xmas tour and yeah... no After the love has gone
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  10. Releasing Under My Skin as a single would have helped Part 1.
  11. Selfishly I am hoping to see Neon Blue, but not expecting it.
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    They love Neon Blue so it'll probably get another 7 minute mix that could be any three other songs.
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  13. I think Scared Of The Dark and Neon Blue are definites.
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  14. My Tour 2021 thoughts:

    Stable Steps tracks
    1. Tragedy
    2. Deeper Shade of Blue
    3. One For Sorrow

    Ones likely to be added:
    4. Stomp
    5. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

    Ones added to a medley
    6. 5678, Last Thing On My Mind, Better Best Forgotten, Loves Got A Hold & Summer of Love

    I would be happy to give these tracks a rest
    Chain Reaction, Heartbeat & When I Said Goodbye.

    Tears On The Dancefloor Era
    7. Scared Of The Dark
    8. Neon Blue (added to medley)

    What The Future Holds PT 1
    9. What The Future Holds
    10. Something In Your Eyes
    11. To The Beat Of My Heart (added to a medley)
    12. Heartbreak In This City

    13. Under My Skin

    What The Future Holds PT 2

    14. 1st single
    15. 2nd single
    16. An album track

    Then the other tracks, maybe ones they haven’t performed in a while like Words Are Not Enough & Say You’ll Be Mine
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  15. Surely no-one wants to hear Words are not enough!?
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  16. Words Are Not Enough is on my dream setlist this time in place of When I Said Goodbye.
  17. No-one with taste anyway. It's dire.
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  18. Same. I want Under My Skin too.
  19. I feel like Under My Skin is a given. I'd like Words Are Not Enough, maybe given a cute reinvention like When I Said Goodbye got last time, but I'm not counting my chickens.
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  20. I treated myself to the Phillips Hue lighting today and so far Steps works the best.
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