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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Track 20 will be the acoustic version of track 11.
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  2. Track 16 will be the acoustic version of track 11 - track 20 will probably be a remix of track 11.
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  3. I think Part 2 has simply come about because they've had far more time to source a few extra songs since the original album was done. It's there to do a similar job as the Tears Deluxe did: shift extra tickets and keep the Steps name out there for whatever plans are following the tour.

    I don't think any of them are being kept awake at night over it charting 10 places lower as that's not how they make their money, and really, fans of a heritage group need to chill (Bill) about it all too and just enjoy things more!
  4. The song with the acoustic version would be the new single. So, it’s possible that track 11 isn’t the same song as tracks 16 and 20. I’d be surprised if the new single is the last new track in the running order.

    Track 16 and 20 are hidden to avoid revealing the single. Track 11 may be another surprise.

    I just hope track 11 is not a Christmas song.
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  5. MB


    Agree with what everyone is saying. They'll easily get a Top 10 just off the fan sales and bundles alone. Then if you add in the promo they'll be doing and single before the album it'll push it even higher. Part 1 hung around the Top 100 for a few weeks and I expect this will have a similar trajectory providing they get some good promo.
    I honestly cannot wait for the album and the tour obviously. To be 24 years down the line and have an 18 date arena tour coming up is pretty amazing.
  6. SBK


    Same reply everyone else has been getting.

    Dunno what the hold up is, my tee is a white t-shirt with a blue logo on. I know there ain't a shortage of white t-shirts.
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  7. This tour will probably be the first big event I go to and I couldn’t think of a better reintroduction to live music than a Steps concert!

    I may be up in Level 3 of the Hydro but I will be living my best life that night.
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  8. I really hope it's as close to normal as we can get. I don't want to have to be wearing masks or social distancing etc. I'm pretty hopeful we won't but...
  9. Love this. It may even do WTFH Part 1 some good. By then they should be able to do less restrictive pandemic promo too.

    In the meantime, can us fans divert our energy to hounding their team to put some TV performances on their official YouTube like most other acts do. Namely Graham Norton and Royal Variety etc.
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  10. Track 20 will be a remix of track 16 which is an acoustic version of track 11 which is a dubstep version of Track 7

    Justice for Track 7
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  11. I love if we get a What The Future Holds: Complete Edition CD

    Just another CD to add to the collection really.
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  12. Dubstep?

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    The Hydro is such a great venue that you’ll still have an absolute blast!
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  14. Not sure if it's been noted but 5,6,7,8 is over 40million streams on Spotify and Something In Your Eyes is over 2million.

    Heartbreak in this City (with Michelle) is creeping ever closer to 1million streams.
  15. Just saw this melodifestivalen throwback and it struck me as a song Steps could easily have done back in the day and it would've been fantastic.
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    Christ those vocals are flat as a pancake.
  17. Well yes, but imagine the song with Steps' magic touch
  18. I love Last to Know. One of my most played songs ever!
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  19. Well done MB. It won't let me tag on here though.

  20. MB


    It's not quite as bad as the design on the tote bag! What I would say though is it's on the small side - I won a size small but it's more like an XS. So if anyone's ordered I'd suggest going a size up.
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