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It's not quite as bad as the design on the tote bag! What I would say though is it's on the small side - I won a size small but it's more like an XS. So if anyone's ordered I'd suggest going a size up.
The transfer definitely looks way better than that tote bag we saw.
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Is there anyone still looking for Steps tickets for London? I have 3 tics that I can transfer my name onto someone else. I’m coming from out of the country and I don’t think I’ll be traveling anytime soon. I don’t even think the show will be cancelled either. Send me a message.

Can't wait to hear more of his blocals. One of my favourite things about their post 2017 comeback has been Lee finally getting his chance to shine. He has a lovely tone to his voice and really compliments the girls when he harmonises with them.

That being said.
The term blocals.
Are they just vocals from Lee only?
Or vocals from both Lee and H?
Or a term to be used interchangeably.

When the term was "created", I've always took it as vocals just from Lee.