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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Lee


  2. Oooh can not wait now!
  3. W2K


  4. Excellent. My favourite single from my favourite ever group and Steps have done it justice. I love that it is a real homage to the Pettibone Remix. Looking forward to the remixes. It's funny that Almighty are remixing it as they remixed the Denise solo version from 2014. I'd like to hear a mashup as Claire's vocal power matches Denise's.
  5. First thought with that vertical video was, “Oh Christ, it’s Blackpool again”

    But there’s actually something really charming about just seeing them having fun with each other. Especially their ‘Ibiza’ dancing.

  6. I sincerely wonder if you have to be British to get it. The Almighty comparison is spot-on - well, 7th Heaven are both ex-Almighty members, so that tracks - but I love a lot of Almighty's covers more than this. I think part of why it's good but not amazing for me is that it sounds too much like a remix. (And conversely, the Initial Talk remix of Ride doesn't.)
    No, you're definitely right.

    The video would be great if it weren't fecking vertical.
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  7. I'm a little confused how I've never been a fan of the original and yet I think this version is incredible.
  8. W2K


    Lee's vocal on on the Initial Talk Remix of Ride is fabulous, I wish it was louder in the original mix.
  9. God, I fancy Lee so much.
  10. W2K


    You're only human!
  11. *Yuman

  12. Anusual
  13. W2K



    *poppers o'clock*

  14. What a banging bop.
  15. This is giving me full PWL Kylie vibes and I am living.

    Why isn’t Kylie giving us songs like this.
  16. That instrumental is where it's at. I love the 00s Eurodance vibes threaded through it.
  17. Because Steps are singing it.
  18. Wasn't that fussed on first listen... Then put headphones on.

  19. Same boat. I would never in a million years go back to the original. It was so dull.

    This felt like the first time I'd heard the song. What a total triumph. This fucking bangs.

    No iTunes number 1 this time though. Fucking Sheeran released his new one.
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