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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Did anyone else’s rainbow cd come dented? Or am I just really lucky… have complained to hmv as that ruins the effect.

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  2. So make a playlist.

    Would you rather Steps rereleased the first album with four more tracks and said “we’ve got a whole album’s-worth, but we’ll sit on those”?
  3. I received the 'Lisa' version from the official store today and there is no inlay or anything, I find it odd that they were (legally) able to not include songwriting credits etc... is this the case for all of them or is my copy just missing it?
  4. I told Lisa she was an icon and asked if they’d do Just Like The First Time on tour. Unfortunately they won’t be performing it… which is what I expected. Sounds like it will mainly be singles and a few new album tracks from Part 1 and 2.
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  5. Has anyone heard the extended version of The Slightest Touch on Claire’s CD yet?
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  6. None of the individual versions came with booklets or credits…and my vinyl/deluxe CD/cassette bundle hasn’t arrived.
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  7. I was just wondering the same. Hopefully someone can confirm that they got that right.
  8. Got my bundle in, the deluxe CD is in a book format (literally a hardback book) where the CDs are in pockets at the front and back. The inside pages have the lyrics and images. The fold out with photos and signed.

    Edit: Photos of it

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  9. Amazing!! Did they let you take photos? I’ve seen mixed reports online, and want to set my expectation for London tomorrow!
  10. jtm


    Am I the only one who is kind of glad that at home I will only look half crazy this time because at least it‘s 5 CDs and not 5 cassettes? I feel much more relaxed for when the package will arrive.
  11. I think you can take photos when in the queue but can't pose side by side with them.
  12. I’ve put both albums together and Hold My Heart does go quite well into Take Me For A Ride with its extended intro.
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  13. It's 6:02 in length.
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  14. Dumb question but I've lost track of all the formats I've bought from various places - is the Amazon exclusive signed edition also the hardback book deluxe edition?
  15. They did let us yeah but it was a bit awkward to fit them all in as you’re behind a barrier to keep social distance. If you really want a photo then go for it but my advice will be to make the most of the time with them and ask them questions.
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  16. Has anyone mixed up the two parts into a fabulous order yet?
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  17. Every copy I saw today had the same dent which is really weird. I ended up buying the deluxe 2CD book edition and got that signed as it’s much nicer.
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  18. W2K


    I have!
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  19. Not sure, mine was the Steps online store which they signed the foldout.

  20. And how is it?
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