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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Also it almost sounds as if they're trying to be like Five Star.. except I think The Slightest Touch is probably the best thing on there.
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  2. I think they could have used the Sunglasses shots a bit more - but I guess the consistent images really makes it clear it's a two part album
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  3. I’m kinda lost but is that on any other version of the album?
  4. I think it’s on all the standards?
  5. Thank you guys. I was beginning to think I’ll be getting another version when I’ve already brought the same album 9 times
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  6. 9?

    Tell us you're a casual fan without telling us you're a casual fan.

    I jest.

    I don't, really. Go buy 40 more.
  7. W2K


    There’s a new album out today x
  8. Can you guys take this elsewhere? This is not the place for squabbles. Let's talk about Steps and continue trying to find a good quality version of the Lee cover for us sad sacks who like customised iTunes libraries.
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  9. Just in case anybody was wondering..... there's bugger all exclusive on the cassette.....thank god.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Stay on topic or there will be thread bans issued.
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  11. A Million Years was the one with the impressive post-chorus awesome musical part.

    I knew it was one of the ones with 'years' or 'tears' in the name.
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  12. I think we should all just stay calm and stream What The Future Holds Part 2.

    And buy 7 posters from Chalkeys.

    And get a second HMV wristband under the pretense of "my cousin Darren wanted to come but he couldn't make it."

    And 4 for the rest of our family. And two for the dog.
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  13. Thanks! That’s the only explanation I needed. Fully aware that sometimes things can be taken the wrong way on places like this.
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  14. It will more than likely be added to 'album art exchange' soon.
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  15. Actually, scrap that, just made it to the end of the cassette and yes, that also includes the To The One remix radio edit.
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  16. How many of these are Eurovision covers again? Just Victorious?

    I noticed five consecutive tracks are very close to the 3min mark and wondered if they'd totally raided an old Melodifestivalen compilation.
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  17. W2K


    Finally had a dispatch email from Clownsend, but the tracking is still the same as yesterday. What a farce.
  18. A Million Years too!
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  19. I wish the HMV exclusive had been just a limited edition everywhere. Can't get it in the US at all as far as I can tell.
  20. Are any of the remixes from the exclusive individual covers on streaming?
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