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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm just really happy A) they are still making music and B) the music is this good.

    After Light Up the World (which I actually really liked but I know others did not) I thought that might be it. Tears on the Dancefloor was just SO damn good and these new albums are really great too. In a pop music landscape of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi, I'm glad we've had Steps to keep us going in 2020/2021!
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  2. TMI


    I can’t help but add the sample of Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba during the bridge after the second chorus of Living in a Lie.
  3. My order has arrived!!! All the individual cds, the deluxe, vinyl and cassette! So happy!! I wasn’t expecting the deluxe to be like a book
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  4. TMI


    See you there! Where are your seats? Mine are in block 16, row K.
  5. Reminder that today is the last day to watch the Radio 2 concert on iPlayer.

    The upload says it expires at 11.59pm tonight.
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  6. It’s giving me As Good As New/Angeleyes vibes, which of course is an amazing thing!
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  7. The highlights is on bbc red button but is only showing What The Future Holds and Tragedy
  8. The original To The Beat Of My Heart was a grower for me, but bloody hell the acoustic-non-acoustic is my ultimate version.
  9. The album is growing with repeated listens. I am really starting to love the contrast in sound between the verses and chorus of Living In A Lie. It's like the verses are the dark and dramatic relationship and the chorus is that uplifting empowering moment of clarity when you leave said relationship.
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  10. A Hundred Years of Winter is gay rights. The Initial Talk remix of Wasted Tears is also fantastic.
  11. There’s just been a tv advert for the album on the show Faye is on right now
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  12. Not my Claire CD skipping right on THAT instrumental bit of The Slightest Touch!
  13. SBK


    My lp bundle turned up. CD bundle tracking said delivered but it was not with it....

    Thankfully postman came back with the CDs. Was about to go full Claire Richards querying a gas bill on twitter...
  14. W2K


    @Tony Lamezma your turn!
  15. SBK


    This is assuming part2 performs the same as the last two.

    As it stands now it looks like the manics might beat them... but they should be top 5.

    Hopefully Steps have something new to drop on Monday?
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  16. Only top 5?? Eek. That’d be disappointing.

    With all those versions, it’ll be a huge step down if they can’t at least maintain the 35k-ish they got from the last 2 albums.
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  17. Lee


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  18. I'm sure this has already been clarified but what is Track 14 on the deluxe edition?
  19. Lee


    100 Years of Winter really is a 10/10 song.
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