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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. SBK


    It's "shorthand" for this one
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  2. i would arrive before the signing time. I got to Manchester about forty minutes before it started and the line was already forming fast.

    in regards to meeting them they’re all lovely. I suffer with anxiety too but I just went with the flow and either commented on the album or whatever they were talking about.
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  3. Indeed.
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  4. Just bought myself another Lisa version because of how lovely she was today.
  5. I would love the new individual covers in this high resolution quality...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. The individual messages were a nice touch.
    Faye’s one was really sweet and it was nice to get a bit of a Capella singing from Lee on his!
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  8. So what’s the likelihood of them getting #1 this time?
  9. MB


    Drake selling/streaming 45k last week is a tough target to beat as I’d guess he’d still be getting 30k then there’s the manics as well.
  10. I'd say extremely high.

    Wasn't Drake bolstered hugely by his first day streams? The numbers have really dropped off now, so I'd be surprised if he managed that much. I bloody hope not anyway.
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  11. They need to get a digital deluxe out on Monday and also slash the price on iTunes and Amazon again.
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  12. TMI


    A Hundred Years of Winter could be the theme song to a Frozen Musical with H as the main character.

    By the way, who comes to the Birmingham show on the 6th of November?
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  13. In terms of new releases, Manic Street Preachers is their closest competition. They sold about 24k in the first week of their last album release back in April 2018. Drake might roll over, depends how well he holds up.

    Previous first week sales:
    Tears on the Dancefloor: 37,624
    What the Future Holds (Part 1): 37,394

    Steps are remarkably consistent so expect them to be number 1 in the midweeks with a decent margin that closes as the week progresses.
  14. Got home from work tonight and none of my orders had arrived. Nothing from Townsend Music and nothing from Amazon. I had a card from Royal Mail though and have booked a redelivery. I am thinking it's my first 4 individual copies as that was dispatched last night. So I may get the Claire copy tomorrow.
    Amazon are still trying to obtain my order apparently. Whatever that means? And I can cancel if I'd prefer. Um... no... no I'll wait thanks.
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  15. I haven’t ordered the vinyl yet because I’m holding out hope of them putting some signed copies up at some point. It’s stressing me out that there is a new album out and I haven’t committed to a vinyl copy yet. Thankfully my signed Dame LSL CD has been secured.
  16. A Hundred Years of Winter thematically and lyrically reminds me a lot of Darren Hayes' song Darkness. I wonder did it originate from the same writing sessions? He's a great songwriter and I want more from him for Steps. He's a great fit for them.
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  17. Wow Lee looks perfection
  18. I definitely would love to see Darren Hayes and Steps work together more. I've always been a big fan of his writing. Could definitely see them pulling off a version of this

  19. My top 5 (non-singles) has changed about 10 times in the last few hours but I think I’ve settled on…

    1. Living In A Lie - love the ABBA drama of it all
    2. A Hundred Years of Winter - I think this is just gorgeous
    3. Wasted Tears - grown on me since my first listen, I still prefer the Inital Talk remix though
    4. A Million Years - it’s a good cover, but I think Claire should have took the lead for the chorus, which I feel falls a bit flat because of the harmonising.
    5. Victorious - the production is a bit muddy (similar to how I thought I Will Love Again sounded on Tears) but there’s no denying the fact I really like it. It’s just a pity it sounds like I recorded it on my TalkBoy.

    The Slightest Touch still very much tops the bill for me for Part 2 though.
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  20. What's the process when you arrive for the signing? Do you just show a confirmation email and then queue up with your CD? I'm totally clueless!
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