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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. A Hundred Years of Winter is gay rights. The Initial Talk remix of Wasted Tears is also fantastic.
  2. There’s just been a tv advert for the album on the show Faye is on right now
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  3. Not my Claire CD skipping right on THAT instrumental bit of The Slightest Touch!
  4. SBK


    My lp bundle turned up. CD bundle tracking said delivered but it was not with it....

    Thankfully postman came back with the CDs. Was about to go full Claire Richards querying a gas bill on twitter...
  5. W2K


    @Tony Lamezma your turn!
  6. SBK


    This is assuming part2 performs the same as the last two.

    As it stands now it looks like the manics might beat them... but they should be top 5.

    Hopefully Steps have something new to drop on Monday?
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  7. Only top 5?? Eek. That’d be disappointing.

    With all those versions, it’ll be a huge step down if they can’t at least maintain the 35k-ish they got from the last 2 albums.
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  8. Lee


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  9. I'm sure this has already been clarified but what is Track 14 on the deluxe edition?
  10. Lee


    100 Years of Winter really is a 10/10 song.
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  11. MB


  12. If they aren’t number one in the midweeks when all of the physical bundle sales are counted it doesn’t seem likely they’ll be there at the end of the week does it, when streaming starts to weigh more heavily on the overall figures?
  13. Faye has just said about a summer tour next year - I’m thinking festivals. And I’m thinking Brighton pride!
  14. Faye just mentioned “gigs next Summer to celebrate our 25th anniversary” in her James Martin interview.
  15. Unless there are loads to be counted. Don’t physicals only get counted when they’re shipped? But yeah, I actually thought they’d start off with a huge lead, so that’s out the window!

    I can’t believe the Manics are going to hold them off yet again.

    Ah well, the fact they’re still competing for a number 1 is astonishing in itself. No other act like them from their era can say the same. Good for them.
  16. This feels like a more lowkey release than the first part. I don't know if many people outside the fanbase are aware of a new album.
    Either way, another top 10/5/3 album for them is an achievement no matter what.
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  17. MB


    And there about 3.5k behind so not sure they’ll catch up. Sales are no where near what pt1 got on day one either.
  18. SBK


    Yeah, the buzz is nowhere near as big as last year.

    It's #2, it's still doing great.
  19. Would their day 1 pt1 sales have put them at number 1 this find around?
  20. Well fuck. That’s surprising. I guess the “new album” angle just didn’t cut through. I do think naming it Part 2 gives the wrong idea.
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