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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. They need to press some more Claire CD's and bring the 5 CD bundle back stat!
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  2. W2K


    Top 5 for a Steps Part 2 album in 2021 is still brilliant.
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  3. MB


    I guess we’ve got about 800 sales from the 4 signings to add on and then the promo on Tuesday on “this morning” and whatever else they might have up their sleeves. Sales are always slightly lower at this time of year, don’t forget pt1 would have ended up as Christmas presents etc and it was more hyped with the tour announcement etc. it is gutting that they’ll likely miss out again!
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  4. Disappointed, but not surprising. This album doesn't have strong lead single like TOTD or selling Sia name and mighty SIYE like Part 1. They didn't even promote the song on national TV show AT ALL!!
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  5. Depending on what happens 3 consecutive #2 studio albums is insane for a pop group 25 years on. I just can’t believe the Manics are stopping them again
  6. I thought they'd at least start off ahead at #1.

    I wanted the 2001, 2011, 2021 number ones. Oh well, it's still done well!
  7. Anyone else as gutted as me, so just bought another 2 sets of the individual covers?
  8. Just met them in London, got a few pictures with them and a couple of things signed. They’re super lovely.
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  9. What are the sales? If they’re low Drake will probably overtake them when streaming is added.
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  10. W2K


    Just listening to their personal messages on their discs, I love them so much. Lee’s acapella Take Me for a Ride line, he’s just adorable.
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  11. Theyve shot themselves in the foot with the casuals...

    The name
    The colour scheme/covers are too similar.
  12. Disappointing not to be in contention for number 1 but another top 5 album at this stage in their career for and act like them is astounding.

    They are one of the biggest tour acts in the country too and whatever they have planned for the 25th will surely go well
  13. Patiently waiting for my bundle to arrive. The mailmen around here are awful though.
    There's only so much binging of Say yes To The Dress I can deal with.
  14. Watch Judge Judy instead.
  15. I might change to Murder She Wrote soon.
  16. SBK


    I think we need to calm down a bit.

    Some of you are acting like they've done a Jo O'Meara and are barely charting.
  17. My CD bundle has arrived in the £8 Jiffy bag. They have the correct individual signed bases but the CDs look identical. Is that normal?

    Haven’t had a chance to play them as yet to check them out.
  18. W2K


  19. My 5 album bundle just arrived. They look very pretty! Faye's signature is a bit smudged and there is ink on the back cover where the CDs have been stacked before the ink was dry. All the rest are perfect. Claire's signature is great with a big 'Love Claire'.

    I'm excited (and still nervous) to meet them tomorrow!!
  20. I can't help but think that the singles from Part 2 should have been The Slightest Touch, then Living in a Lie and then A Hundred Years of Winter.
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