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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Kiss Of Life is MEGA
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  2. Yes! I've never known if she actually got round to recording it or not, but I've been wanting to hear her version for years!

    I am cracking up at this! Imagine you're just at work and Steps are there destroying the displays haha
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  3. Its a shame if this is a mispress as an Extended of this mix would be amazing
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  4. TMI


    What’s the issue ? The mix of Wasted Tears on Lisa edition is an edit and not the full version ? So we get the same mix as in the deluxe?
  5. Steps look great today- their stylist gets a 10/10!

    Having lived with the album for 24 hours now, I have to say I definitely prefer it to Part 1. As much as I think A Hundred Years of Winter is beautiful and single-worthy, for me Slightest Touch, Kiss of Life, Living in a Lie, and A Million Years would perhaps be better choices.
  6. Just spent the past 5 minutes watching H's Insta story- made me laugh and filled me with such joy. They look like they're having fun and it was nice to see so many other happy fans. Which one of you owns the Steps 'fan pack' thing featured on H's story?
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  7. I think the Lisa version was supposed to be a different/longer mix than the deluxe
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Critical update because you’re all on the edge of your seats: had my despatch email from Amazon about 15 minutes ago and managed to cancel the official store order.

    I apologise for not giving them an extra sale, I will stream super hard all week!
  9. W2K


    H saying Claire’s hairography was like BabeStation made me SNORT.
  10. Probably lack of sleep due to the baby?
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  11. I hope Wasted Tears gets a live performance. It will go AWF on tour. Can't wait for the 3 girls to harmonise acapella before it bursts into the song like they did with Enough Is Enough.
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  12. Their Instagram stories have been so much fun to follow today.
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  13. Whoever said "never meet your idols" obviously idolised the wrong people because Steps were amazing today! Claire and H were exactly as I expected but HRH Lisa was so much more than I'd imagined (and let's be honest, I had her on a pretty high pedestal anyway) she was so kind and talkative with everyone. I don't know how she kept it up all day unless she genuinely is that grateful to the fans. Absolute star.

    Lee was awesome, too. The HMV staff were more or less throwing me out top speed and he called me back by my name to say goodbye. Honestly, they could just scribble on a cover and toss it at us but they do so much more.

    In short, we're lucky fans.
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  14. What releases were these on? I can't find them in my iTunes library. Sorry for abbreviations

    WTFH Cahill Club Edit
    WTFH Alphalove Extended
    WTFH 7th Heaven Radio Mix
    SIYE GMJS Poptastic Radio Edit
    HITC Saint Remix
  15. The Something In Your Eyes edit is on the To The Beat Of My Heart EP.
    A 4:15 edit What the Future Holds (7th Heaven) [Edit] is on the same EP. Not sure if this is the one you're looking for.
  16. Now all I'm missing is the Steps only version of the Saint Remix of Heartbreak... Where is that?
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    H's high note on Winter (and actually the entire melody leading up to it) reminds me a lot of a bit in an 80s song. Is it The Sun Always Shines on TV?
    Also I keep singing Britney's 'there's nothing wrong with a little bit of trouble trouble trouble' over the chorus of Love & Trouble
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  18. THATS what it reminds me of! Thank you. It’s been nagging me all day.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It took me a day or two as well!
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