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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. They look so great, it’s a shame whoever’s styling Claire.
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  3. So turns out my tracking link was broken and my CDs have been sitting by the entrance all day haha but here they are! I’m so glad I took the plunge and got them!

    Happy Birthday to me indeed!

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  4. I got a 'love' on my Claire disc! Anyone else?

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  5. Playing Living in a Lie and Something in your Eyes back to back is such a joy!
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  6. They probably are.
    WTFH Cahill Club Edit - Under My Skin
    WTFH Alphalove Extended - Under My Skin
    WTFH 7th Heaven Radio Mix - To the Beat of My Heart #2
    SIYE GMJS Poptastic Radio Edit - To the Beat of My Heart #2
    HITC Saint Remix - Heartbreak in This City remixes
  7. Why? It's the same stylist I'm sure and they all look great, Claire included.
  8. Maybe Claire prefers to be styled that way? I'm sure they're at that point in their career they have a say in what they wear and look like?

    I'm excited at what other formats they will want us buying! I've got my rainbow, individual and deluxe copies in the post today.
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  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

  10. So the word ‘pube’ used in a clearly humourous post lead to removal of the post? I see over-moderation is still a thing. Good grief.
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  11. SO much fun! They look like they're having a ball - knocking down shelves, Faye breaking her heel, Queen LSL and her Itsu snacks. Fabulous.

    My bundle arrived today of the deluxe CD, vinyl and cassette. Also popped into HMV to get the standard with rainbow sleeve.

    Might throw them a fiver if the normal standard goes on sale on Amazon this week...
  12. I must say, I'm extremely happy they've been so so successful - but I am really just thrilled they are all so close again and enjoying being together as a band.

    Warms my heart after all they've been through.
  13. Their chemistry today - amazing, they seem in such a good place

    This tour is going to be amazing, Steve Anderson has a tricky job ahead, but what he did on the party tour blew me away so I have high hopes for this
  14. These are the numbers from Spotify

    Take Me For A Ride 9,132
    Heartbreak In This City 1,974,310
    Wasted Tears 22,945
    A Hundred Years of Winter 10,546
    Living in a Lie 11,920
    A Million Years 9,914
    Trouble & Love 8,995
    Victorious 10,066
    Kiss of Life 8,397
    High 7,380
    Slightest Touch 154,847

    If the streaming rules are still the same it's probably better to listen to the least listened to songs again so that they don't reduce the number of the top two tracks down too much
  15. And 30 secs is all you need to count as a stream
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  16. This whole era, Claire has not looked great clotheswise. I know we mustn’t speak ill of her lest we get watermelon tunad, but seriously: the high waisted trousers are awful.
  17. It's the best thing of being Steps fans, something that not all 90's popgroup fan could have. After the bitterness of how Girls Aloud's ending, I choose carefully which group I would stan next, I don't want to be a fan of another group with fake friendship. Then I chose Super Junior that I believe their friendship (and their fight of each other) is real.

    Now my life is better (I know, I'm exaggerate) watching my first ever fav group ever is back and shows that they're closer than ever!
  18. W2K


    She’s had some “iffy” moments granted, but I think she looked gorgeous for both days of signings, high waisted trousers included.
  19. The lyrics in the chorus to Kiss of Life sound like they're singing ''so kiss me in the eye, eye, eye, eye, eye'' but apparently it's ''so kiss me goodnight''?

    Just doesn't sound like that at all.
  20. MB


    I’ve always thought it was “kiss me in the eye” as well.
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