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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. They didnt get number 1 as H had to buy all these he destroyed and put the manics in the lead (yes I'm aware they are dvds)

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  2. Mvnl

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    What... did they think would happen??
  3. The most rock‘n’roll thing Steps have ever done.
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  4. Had the most amazing time at the signing in London. They were the sweetest and they put me in H’s Insta story too. They were so excited to hear I loved the album and Lisa said I was cute and she wished she could cuddle me. True gems and all the anxiety I’d felt just disappeared honestly.

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  5. My signed deluxe has just arrived from Amazon. Wasn't expecting it to be a book format, really nicely put together item.

    Just waiting now for the postie to arrive with my signed individual bundle
  6. Poor Lisa wasn’t allowed on the main table. That’ll be Claire’s doing. (Joke!)
  7. I am finally the proud owner of 5 signed copies of the album. There was a dark hair stuck to Lee's signature so I'm guessing I have his DNA now?

    EDIT: My iTunes read Claire's edition as Faye's one. Taking over one step at a time.
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  8. 'I like me tongue twisters'

    Thanks, Lee
  9. My individual bundle has arrived. Bit surprised by the lack of inlay etc but I suppose at £5 a go it was to be expected. That's everything I've ordered arrived now.
  10. BD2EB2C9-5446-4CFB-B038-CB11B9F99E60.jpeg B7D9BAEC-B35C-43D7-A83A-2019BCE24CED.jpeg A668E6FA-0966-4F84-8654-E51195BEAFDE.jpeg

    Important questions were asked.

    They have not booked to see ABBA.

    They have not started rehearsals.
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  11. Mvnl

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  12. Slight panic putting in my Claire CD to find that the Windows Media Player has the wrong metadata for it and I thought I had a duplicate Faye CD - but Claire's message is there
  13. I had that too. Thankfully the rest are correct.
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  14. Do we know what's happening with this track error?
  15. I think we need extended mixes of Living in a Lie and A Hundred Years of Winter. Or are they on the individual albums? I haven't checked.
  16. The chalky poster is so disappointing... Didn't expect too much, but expected a bigger poster than what I got packaged together.
  17. Here comes my favourite question...

    How big is it?
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  18. Update on individual signed album covers:

    Claire Sold Out
    Faye 56
    Lee 67
    H 92
    Lisa 98
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  19. A4
  20. Oh, disappointing
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