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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. To be fair, the Deluxe is very heavy with PT. 1 remixes so I can imagine there are a few PT. 2 remixes hidden/held back in the vaults somewhere for a night in/night out type release.
    It would be great for them to push another physical item as well as digital releases too.

    What's today's #Steptember!?
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  2. Last time we got Christmas cards, signed vinyls, Night In and Night Out in the Monday, right?
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The christmas cards came later than the Night In/Out editions I think?
  4. W2K


  5. And also as the style of both parts are very similar and there are still Part 1 Remixes and Acoustics attached to Part 2.
    I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for Part 2 and I feel it would always need Part 1 to "hold hands with", from the start it's never been able to truly shine on it's own.
    It's kinda a strange halfway house between a deluxe and a stand alone album.

    Yet the fact that it is officially a stand alone album does wonders for thier discography. And I can actually see a lot of these new tracks live. And as they say "a great problem to have" with deciding a setlist. As if it weren't impossible before...
  6. I'm in the minority it seems, but on the whole part two has been a more instant click with me.

    Part 1 I took a while to click with Clouds, To The Beat, Dont You Leave Me Halfway, To The One and Hold My Heart (and took a while for me to even get round to liking Under My Skin)

    Part 2 I find myself skipping less and liking every song.

    Yes, Part 1 may have had the title track, Something in your Eyes, Father's Eyes and One Touch which were my highlights, but so far, with part 2 I hear something different with every play of every track. High, took a while to get there, and considering how far into the album it is, I love Kiss Of Life.
  7. TMI


    High could have been a track from Claire’s solo album.
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  8. Surely a high proportion of sales will have come via both band's official websites
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  9. I love them but I'm inclined to agree here. The amount of different versions is absolutely obscene. And having to buy them all to get all the tracks is insanity.

    That's where I thought Steps might have higher sales. Purely because of the million variations of the release. But I hadn't looked on the Manics' site at that point. Now I see they also have 10 versions. Fucking hell.
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  10. SBK


    It's not that good.
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  11. No lies detected here.
  12. I've had such a hectic few days that I'm only just playing this now!
    Was at the signing yesterday in Westfield. It was SO good. They all looked stunning and the energy was incredible. I was even on H's Instagram story, as I was wearing the What The Future Holds T-Shirt from the bundle from Pt 1!
    I chatted (quickly..!) to Claire about how hectic their schedule is and if they were having a good album release week. She said it feels like I'm back in the 90's! Managed to get some great pics too. Will upload here when I've looked at them all properly.
    Afterwards I nearly had a little cry in the middle of the shopping centre as I was so happy!
    (EDIT) I spoke to the HMV colleague and they said they were expecting at least 300+ people for the signing in London, so if they had at least that many at each of the 6 cities, that is an extra 1800 sales they might not have had (There is a news report from Leeds today saying there were at least 1000 people queuing? Whether that is correct I don't know?)

    I'm hoping for a signed vinyl, and perhaps even a different cassette version too to help boost sales. Would love if they get Number 1 this time, but to even chart this high 24 years later is a success on its own!
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    Honestly I’m ok with no new versions and them getting to number two. My bank balance cannot take any more.
  14. Well this is their best album since the comeback. Yep. I said it.
  15. Disagree. I think she looks like a goddess.
  16. MB


    Just back from the Leeds signing. It was so much better than the Manchester one which felt very rushed and security enforced whereas this was a lot more relaxed and the band were definitely more at ease and looked to be having a great time together. I do wonder if they look at me and secretly press a panic button in their minds!
  17. Still haven't received my individual CD's so I complained to the steps store and asked how I claim back the postage as it's more than 48hours. Apparently... 48hr postage is 2 WORKING DAYS - so they charged £8 postage for something that could turn up 3 days later...? Thankfully, they've agreed to refund the £8 as a goodwill gesture so I'm happy with that.
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  18. The book you made them looked insane.
  19. I only got to listen to the album now. Holy cow cheese A Hundred Years of Winter is everything I expected and more!!!
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  20. It's always super annoying to hear that Steps are at #2. It's happened so often now that it's almost laughable!

    One For Sorrow
    Step One
    Better Best Forgotten
    Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    Chain Reaction
    Tears On The Dancefloor
    What The Future Holds
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