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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    I hope the lost items are still counted as sales. (and that your second ones arrive obviously).
  2. They aren’t actually. I should’ve run my message past Claire first.
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    Has she taught you nothing?!
  4. I wanted to post my thoughts on the album the other day but I forgot my password, which in a way was a good thing because I've had time to digest it all. I've listened to it several times, and I confirm for me it does improve upon each listen, even the tracks that seemed like a definite no from me on first listen.

    I won't bang on too much, but hopefully it'll be interesting for some, I know I love reading your thoughts.

    Take Me For A Ride
    I was one of the few who was massively impressed by this track from the very beginning. I love the mood, the vocal delivery. I think Claire especially sounds HUGE on the chorus and I think the melody is classic. Totally besotted with it, and was disappointed to see I was in the minority. However, I felt a similar way about some tracks on the previous record, while others didn't, so I know we're not all here for the more Understated Steps. The intro really takes this to a 10 for me. The singles run during the whole What The Future Holds campaign has been incredible, in terms of quality control. 10/10

    Heartbreak In This City
    I still very much look at this as being a single from the Part 1, but I understand the thinking of having the Michelle featured version on here, and to be fair to the track it's good enough to appear on two records. Was an immediate standout for me on the last record and I still feel like it's like their modern day take on a Steptacular-era track. I truly hope we hear more from Karl Twigg, as well as this Stella Attar person, and of course Mark Topham. 10/10

    Wasted Tears
    This is the first of a couple of tracks on the record that remind me sonically of "You Make Me Whole", which I loved. It's Steps doing more modern EDM in a way, but the chorus still sounds quintessentially Steps. It could be deemed a bit faceless in terms of it doesn't do anything groundbreaking or new, but having Steps vocals on there really does elevate it for me, especially Lisa's BVs - she really does have a lovely distinctive pop tone. To my ears, this isn't a single, but it's a fine album track by all means. 7/10

    A Hundred Years Of Winter
    I'm a massive fan of Darren Hayes, but was cautious after "No More Tears On The Dancefloor", which I felt fell a bit flat despite having some great elements - I think that was a result of some limp production, it just felt a bit plodding, and not in an intentional way (See "Take Me For A Ride"). This is obviously a completely different type of song, and a total departure for Steps. I don't think they have anything similar in their back catalogue and for me that's a great thing. I love the production most of all, the unpredictable percussion, the late ABBA-esque synth opener, and the middle 8 instrumental. While I think H sounds the best he has since "Space Between Us", I do think it's VERY H-heavy, especially when Faye almost sounds cut off in the Mid 8. I think this is lined up to be the next single, and while I think that's brave given it doesn't have a female led chorus, I'd be curious to see the fan reaction - and also how a radio edit might sound. 8.5/10

    Living In A Lie
    This is absolutely "Something In Your Eyes" Part II in every way. Of course it's not quite as good, but it's cut from the same cloth, has the same "3 cans of Red Bull" energy and once again feels like a Steptacular track for 2021. I love the "Tragedy"-like synth that appears here and there, and the whole song just makes me smile, it's quintessential Steps, and had it not been for "Something In Your Eyes", I'd have wanted to see this as a single, but it seems almost too similar and too soon. 9/10

    A Million Years
    I heard the Mariette version earlier this year and thought fuck, if they get this right it could be one of the best ever Steps songs. I think it's a beautiful melody and lyric, and they've been incredibly loyal to the original's production. It absolutely sounds like a Steps song through and through, whilst again incorporating a more modern EDM, borderline tropical sound, without being too much. I love this tempo for Steps, and it feels like a great companion to the lead single. On the downside, I feel the vocal share has possibly sucked some of the emotion out of the song, and there are times when I thought Claire could have gone a bit harder, but I still think it's a beautiful song, and had I not heard the original, I wouldn't be judging so harshly. I think this is the risk with the Melodifestivalen songs - they're already so brilliant that it's hard to elevate them aside from adding Steps distinctive vocals. Someone on YouTube said the backing track sounds like a dodgy karaoke track, and while I wouldn't say that, I do think they could have possibly changed a few elements to make it their own. 9/10

    Trouble & Love
    A welcome change of pace and vibe. It's light, airy, fun and Lee is utilised greatly on the chorus. It's placement on the album is perfect and I think it does feel like a breather between the more full on Melodifestivalen style tracks. It's definitely an album track, but it does what it does very well. I was very apprehensive about a new Fiona Bevan contribution as I haven't loved what she's given them aside from "Scared of the Dark", which was obviously top tier, so I am pleasantly surprised. 7/10

    I never particularly liked the original of this song, and was much less excited about it than "A Million Years". I do understand that they love a motivational, inspirational anthem though (Hello, "Neon Blue"), it's just not my kind of thing, but it definitely caters to some listeners. I think sonically it suffers a similar fate to "I Will Love Again", and given this is an Alias production, I find that a bit unusual because their track record, aside from the vocal treatment of the Tears Deluxe tracks, has been by and large very good. I don't actually mind the fact that some of the synths sound like they were recorded underwater, but the vocals definitely sound muffled in places, and once again I think they didn't breathe enough new life into this track to make it a worthwhile exercise. Beyond all that though, it's not a bad song by any stretch. 6.5/10

    Kiss Of Life
    To me this feels very much like a 'Tears on the Dancefloor' track. It's effervescent and summery and they sound like they had a lot of fun recording the vocals. It falls somewhere between a good Kylie album track
    and any random EDM act's output in the late '00s/'10s. It is nice companion for "Wasted Tears", and again feels like it revisits the "You Make Me Whole" sound, which is something they didn't do on Part 1 at all. It's a little on the generic side in that sense, but even the most generic EDM pop songs are elevated when you put Steps vocals on them. 7/10

    Without question my least favourite track on the record, and the one to me that feels totally out of place, but then I could say the same about tracks from the previous records, including Part 1, where I routinely skipped "Don't You Leave Us Halfway", because that chorus melody just felt so samey and repetitive to me. This suffers in the same way. I love Claire's vocal in general, but this feels more like her approach on her solo album, and I feel, in the same way as "Under My Skin", this feels like an outtake/reject from her solo project. That said, it does grow on repeated listens, and I wouldn't be in a rush to skip it, but it's for me, the wrong kind of cheese for Steps as a band. It's also a little musical theatre, and I think that might be what they like about it. Perhaps the Facebook mums will love this, and so it serves its purpose. 6/10

    The Slightest Touch
    When this was released and everyone lost their marbles, I wasn't quite having the same reaction, and I'm still not sure why. It didn't touch the singles from Part 1 for me, but after seeing their backstage video and hearing it repeatedly, it has grown tremendously. What they failed to do with the Melodifestivalen songs, they have managed here - to make this a Steps song, it's a transformation, and it definitely slaps you across the face. After the last three somewhat underwhelming tracks on the album, this definitely allows us to go out on a high. I initially felt it sounded like a remix, but now I love it for that reason. Faye's spoken word section is something we need more of. The Poppers O'Clock breakdown that happens immediately after Claire's high note is brilliant in how unashamed it is, but I wonder is the fact that this song goes so hard the reason it wasn't a single? Perhaps it's just "a bit too much" for Radio 2. But I also wonder if they missed an opportunity and should have released it immediately before the album with a proper music video. Fan reaction seems to suggest that's the case. 9/10

    While I can definitely hear that some of these tracks are potentially offcuts from the past few albums, the standard is still pretty high for the most part in terms of this being a great collection of pop songs. It's a lot "brighter" than Part 1 in the sense that most of the tracks are upbeat and lighthearted, but the highs are definitely not as high as that record, and that was always how I expected it to be given this was really supposed to be just a deluxe record. We've done well guys, we got another album in less than a year, it's like 1998-2000 all over again! And for me, getting "Take Me For A Ride" alone makes this whole project worthwhile.

    Roll on the 25th, but I do hope they've stashed away something big in terms of a new song, they need it to be top tier in the way "Scared of the Dark" and "Something In Your Eyes" were.

    Sorry, that was a lot wasn't it. I lied.
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  5. I got the vinyl and my Lee CD on the mail today. Happy I got it so soon considering I'm in Ireland.

    It all looks so good. I love the vinyl package even more than the one for Pt. 1.
  6. The way I hollered when I saw this.
  7. I have the pink vinyl up on display on the wall, replacing Part 1 as it looks more striking.
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  8. The chorus melody of A Million Years and Take Me For A Ride really are similar, aren't they?!
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  9. So I just received my full Part 2 goodies. So happy.

    By the way...

    .... I am IN LOVE with this pic in the CD insert!

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  10. MB


    Two performances on This Morning tomorrow.
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  11. SBK


    Tragedy AND Deeper Shade of Blue!?
  12. Please don’t speak this into existence. If they’re doing ‘hits’ then I really hope they change it up and do It’s The Way You Make Me Feel to show off their vocals and then bring out a surprise like Last Thing On My Mind or (their best single) Loves Got A Hold On My Heart.

    I kinda know this won’t happen, though.
  13. I hope there’s a song from 2017 onwards. Even if it’s Scared of the Dark. I’d love Something In Your Eyes.
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  14. MB


    We'll get 'Take Me For A Ride' and a greatest hits medley (probably the same one we got last time promoting the Summer tour).
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  15. Of the new songs they should do The Slightest Touch to appeal to the ITV demographic. That song needs to be promoted as a single, it's too good to go without a video and slot on the tour.
  16. MB


    If they've got any sense they'd do Slightest Touch but we all know it'll be Take Me For A Ride. Which isn't going to flog the album as well as Slightest Touch would.
  17. They have a new album out. The options are Take Me For A Ride, The Slightest Touch and Heartbreak in This City
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  18. Based on the streaming numbers, they'd be idiots to do Take Me for a Ride over Heartbreak in This City or The Slightest Touch.

    Doesn't mean they won't, though.
  19. We don’t need any pre-2017 when they can do Slightest Touch as the familiar old song but they probably will do something from their own back catalogue to encourage ticket sales.
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  20. Should be: Heartbreak in This City and Last Thing on My Mind or Stomp
    Will be: Take Me for a Ride and Tragedy
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