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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Hearing them talk about singing ‘High’ on tour during the Track by Track podcast has made me really nervous it’s going to take up a precious spot on the set list. It’s so generic and one of the most boring things they’ve ever recorded, please don’t let this happen!
  2. Trouble & Love (what an awful title) reminds me a lot of One Touch.
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  3. Its one of my top three album tracks on the record, there’s just something addictive about it.

  4. What was part 1 on by now. Long way to go to get first week sales of 37k.
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  5. I listened to the podcast this morning and must have zoned out at that point because the song doesn’t exist to me but that is extremely jarring. Between that and Faye describing Wasted Tears as a “big ballad of the album” I got lost.
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  6. Really I actually enjoy High compared to the rest of the songs, which seem to be trying to replicate the songs on Part 1.
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  7. As I said just this morning of Kacey:
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Listening to the podcast and so puzzled by Lee saying there’s ballads and Faye calling Wasted Tears a big ballad? Was it mixed into an uptempo last minute or something? Claire also stated recently she mostly likes the slow ones on there and... they’re not there?
  9. Yes to the signed vinyl but hopefully there's more to come!

    Would it help if we all streamed the top two Manics songs to bring down their average on streaming? God what have I become, I feel like one of those criminals who rigged Belle & Sebastians Brit award right now.
  10. Yeah. I don't think they've even really listened to the finished product. There was a lot of:

    "So tell us about track X"

    "Well it was written by *reads name* and produced by *reads name* and also *reads name* helped with the production, too."
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  11. Sophie's work ethic is rubbing off on them and the tour hasn't even started yet!
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Sounds a bit ‘ooh we have to talk about our new album but It’s all those songs we recorded over 2 years ago and we hardly know what the label put on there’

    I started listening in hopes of them talking about it making me appreciate it more but it's a lot of talk without anyone really saying anything, huh? (also why I often like the concept of pop podcasts more than the actual thing)

    "Yeah they wrote Scared Of The Dark which was one of my favourites.. Love & Trouble is.. different from it, right?". Right.
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  13. Part 1 was on 24.4k on Monday, so yeah they're down a huge margin. They'll probably get 25k for the week.
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  14. I mean either way it's another top 5 album (covering my bases in case it drops) being sold without a tour announcement. They should all be chuffed.
  15. Do we think that calling it part 2 has put casuals off buying it maybe?

    I wanted a number 1 but at this point I think number 2 (or 3) is great after 25 years. We’ve got the rest of the week to see what happens. At the end of the day, I’m loving the new album and chart positions won’t take that away from me!
  16. Oh yeah, they'll be no lower than #3 surely. To chart at all is amazing. And I'm sure they're well aware of the other acts from their era that have tried and failed. They're doing something very right and they should be really proud of themselves.
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  17. I personally think yes, they did. I think the album name and the look of the cover hasn't helped - casual casuals won't realize the difference in the 2 covers, possibly not buying it because they arent sure they don't already have a copy.
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  18. jtm


    I mean let‘s be honest it was always going to be difficult to sell this to casuals or the GP with no tour and no new promo angle after the album last year. The numbers are still great and top 3 will be fantastic for something that is a cross between a deluxe and a new album.
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  19. Maybe they'll announce something new tomorrow?! Let's be honest 3k is nothing in terms of how many people will watch This Morning Tomorrow. Let's have faith they can close in.
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