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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    Take Me For A Ride is basically confirmed for “this morning” in H’s IG. Ergh.
  2. At least it's off the new album! Plus I love it.
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  3. There’s something with Something In Your Eyes playing too, let’s hope that gets an airing.
  4. That's why I got confused. That's not even on the album!
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  5. Absolutely here for Something In Your Eyes being their "Greatest Hit". It would be simultaneously utterly ridiculous and completely deserved.
  6. MB


    I think he’s just put Something In Your Eyes over the top of the video. He’s singing along to Take me for a ride and the choreographer can be seen doing the dance routine as well.
  7. The daily sales totals for Part 1, for those interested.

    Monday: 24.4k
    Tuesday: 27.3k
    Wednesday: 30.6k
    Thursday: 35.1k
    Friday: 37.6k

    Night In/Out must’ve been released on the Wednesday (since Thursdays figure takes a larger jump), and if so looks to have added about an extra 2,000 sales.

    They’ve done 16.3k sales so far. If they’re selling at the same rate as last year then they’ll end up with sales of 25,000 for the week. However it’s a different time of the year, last year was closer to Christmas so the sales may have been spread more evenly across the week.
  8. I feel like a flop fan, but if the signed vinyl was black, I might go for it

    I already have the splatter and signed deluxe and individual CDs

    Give me content and I'm there
  9. Night in Night Out was announced on the Monday 30/11 - so maybe the bump was the despatches later on the week
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  10. SBK


    Manics have dropped some classic print bundles.

    Wouldn't have minded something like that from Steps
  11. This country bumpkin is making a journey to the big city (of Sheffield) this week. Is the rainbow laminate a HMV online exclusive, or can I get in the shop?

    Can't think the last time I bought a CD in a shop!
  12. Just thinking, has Michelle Visage done any promo for them during release week considering she's on the album?
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  13. MB


    You should be able to get it in the shop.
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  14. They were selling it in the Sheffield store the other day at the signing I went to
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  15. Perfect, thank you and to @MB, I will support the Steps cause!
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  16. You should be able to get it, but if you really want to be sure you can do click and collect.

    I recommend getting more than one. I think you'd enjoy having, I dunno, about 3,500 copies?
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  18. Notice they’ve also updated the track list of the vinyl to show To The Beat Of My Heart (Acoustic) isn’t actually there at all.
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  19. I think the best I can do is 300, and buy one for every person in the village.

    I already have 7 copies for myself, 1 is usually my limit so I feel I've done my very best.
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