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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. This country bumpkin is making a journey to the big city (of Sheffield) this week. Is the rainbow laminate a HMV online exclusive, or can I get in the shop?

    Can't think the last time I bought a CD in a shop!
  2. Just thinking, has Michelle Visage done any promo for them during release week considering she's on the album?
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  3. MB


    You should be able to get it in the shop.
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  4. They were selling it in the Sheffield store the other day at the signing I went to
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  5. Perfect, thank you and to @MB, I will support the Steps cause!
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  6. You should be able to get it, but if you really want to be sure you can do click and collect.

    I recommend getting more than one. I think you'd enjoy having, I dunno, about 3,500 copies?
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  8. Notice they’ve also updated the track list of the vinyl to show To The Beat Of My Heart (Acoustic) isn’t actually there at all.
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  9. I think the best I can do is 300, and buy one for every person in the village.

    I already have 7 copies for myself, 1 is usually my limit so I feel I've done my very best.
  10. Is this a complete list of remixes or am I missing any?

    What The Future Holds
    Acoustic (Night In / Pt 2)
    7th Heaven Remix Edit (Night Out / Pt 2 Deluxe)
    7th Heaven Club Mix (Night Out)
    Cahill Club Edit (Night Out)
    Cahill Remix (Digital Single)
    Alphalove Extended Remix (Digital Single)
    Alphalove Remix Edit (Under My Skin Digital Single)
    Alphalove Extended Dub (Unreleased?)

    Something In Your Eyes
    Acoustic (Night In / Pt 2)
    7th Heaven Remix Edit (Pt 2 Deluxe)
    7th Heaven Remix (Hold My Heart Digital Single)
    GMJS Poptastic Radio Edit (Night Out)
    GMJS Poptastic Club Anthem (Night Out)

    To The Beat Of My Heart
    Acoustic (Pt 2)
    Saint Edit (Digital Single)
    Saint Remix (Night Out)
    Shortland Tropical Mix (Pt 2 Deluxe)
    GMJS Trance Mix (Pt 2 Faye)

    Heartbreak In This City
    Saint Remix Edit (Night Out)

    Heartbreak In This City (feat Michelle)
    Acoustic (Pt 2)
    Shortland Remix Edit (Digital Single)
    Shortland Remix (Digital Single)
    Saint Remix (Digital Single)
    Saint Remix Edit (Pt 2 Deluxe / Digital Single)

    To The One
    Shortland Remix Edit (Pt 2)
    Shortland Club Remix (Pt 2 Lee)

    Clouds - Conway Remix Edit (Night Out / Pt 2 Deluxe)

    Father’s Eyes - Shanghai Suprize Edit (Night Out / Pt 2 Deluxe)

    Under My Skin - Shortland Remix Edit (Night Out / Pt 2 Deluxe)

    Take Me For A Ride
    Single Mix (Digital Single)
    Initial Talk Remix Edit (Pt 2 Deluxe)
    Shortland Remix Edit (The Slightest Touch Digital Single)
    Shortland Club Mix (The Slightest Touch Digital Single)
    7th Heaven Remix Edit (The Slightest Touch Digital Single)

    The Slightest Touch - 7th Heaven Extended Mix (Pt 2 Claire)

    A Hundred Years Of Winter - Shortland Club Remix (Pt 2 H)

    Wasted Tears
    Initial Talk Remix Edit (Pt 2 Deluxe)
    Initial Talk Club Mix (Pt 2 Lisa, but left off)
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  11. TMI


    My parcel is still stuck at the UK border, waiting for clearance information. I hate that Brexit.
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  12. I got a much better poster of the same pic for free because some of my merch was late earlier in the year.

    I’m so split about getting the signed vinyl.
  13. MB


    Do it! You’ll only regret it when they’re sold out.
  14. That’s kind of what I feel.
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  15. Do we know if PT 2 is having any noticeable affect on Part 1 in the charts?
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Kinda surprised they haven’t done some 1+2 package yet
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  17. While they are on youtube Steve Anderson has set When I Said Goodbye & If You Could Read My Mind/Stomp Studio Tour Versions back to public again on his hearthis account (they were set private shortly after they was uploaded last time) I believe only Tragedy was kept public previously (as well Stop Me From Loving You, Chain Reaction B Side)
  18. Well I must be mad.

    Signed Vinyl ordered!
  19. Give it time, give it time!
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