Steps - General Discussion

So is the "This Morning" medley performance anywhere yet ?
Would love to see it.
Wouldn't it fit more with the "one foot in the past, one foot in the future" theme for them to mash up old tracks with new era songs?
It'd be smart because you're trading off of the nostalgia while exposing people to the newer material and maybe entice them into checking it out.
People, it's a Steps concert. They're going to sing. Lisa's going to be fabulous. You're going to have fun. Does it matter whether they call it "The What the Future Holds Tour" or "The Greatest Hits Tour" or "The All the Hits Tour"?

Yep I totally get that. And I know I will have a lot of fun either way. It's just there has already been at least 2 greatest hits tours in the past.
It's more the What The Future Holds styling and linking these albums to the tour they are suplimenting. I just don't want a Greatest Hits tour to overshadow these great albums.
Seems they're transitioning from Townsend to their own webstore. Interesting (not particularly welcome to me - I know Townsend takes forever to ship, but I could combine releases by different artists for cheaper total shipping, and they have great customer service!).

I don’t think they’re moving away from Townsend, as they’ve had this store around since April, I think it’s just more for their merch and occasionally they can bundle a CD with a badly printed t-shirt.