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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. There’ll probably be a lot of medleys this tour!
  2. It was always going to be a Greatest Hits tour, regardless. But I think we will get a few tracks from each album being performed live.
  3. I'll be really gutted if 'To The Beat Of My Heart' doesn't make the setlist.

    I'm aware I keep going on about this, but you know just in case anyone's reading!
  4. If it was in a medley, what older songs do you think it would go with?
  5. Hope the branding of the actual shows is What The Future Holds - programme, merchandise etc
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  6. Agreed, I'm hoping none of the 'All The Hits - UK Tour' / Steptember graphics are used for merch.
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  7. Official Charts are really getting involved but this suggestion...


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  8. Has anyone recieved their vinyl? As going by H's instagram story there are thousands ready but they're more than likely for orders already placed.

    Stacking vinyls like that though, anxiety setting in.

  9. Its doable with medleys. Was toying about with this idea;

    1. What the Future Holds
    2. Chain Reaction
    3. 5, 6, 7, 8 / Better Best Forgotten (Medley)
    4. To the Beat of My Heart
    5. The Slightest Touch
    6. Deeper Shade of Blue
    7. Take Me for a Ride
    8. Here and Now / You'll Be Sorry / To the One (Medley)
    9. Under My Skin
    10. It's the Way You Make Me Feel
    11. When I Said Goodbye
    12. Stomp
    13. Neon Blue
    14. Summer of Love / Better the Devil You Know / Love's Got a Hold on My Heart (Medley)
    15. Heartbreak in This City
    16. Wasted Tears
    17. Say You'll Be Mine / After the Love Has Gone / Last Thing on My Mind (Medley)
    18. One for Sorrow
    19. Something in Your Eyes
    20. Scared of the Dark
    21. Tragedy
  10. SBK


    Has the signed insert always been on the store?
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  11. There’s 56 boxes of 13 vinyl (728) in the photo… I’m sure it probably felt like thousands to sign but it might not have actually been that many.
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  12. Is this anniversary sweatshirt new on their merch store or did I miss it? It’s up for pre-order for later this month.
  13. SBK


    Weird anniversary to celebrate, the 23rd....
  14. That’s a pretty good set list (although I reckon we’ll get A Hundred Years of Winter and Heartbeat/ possibly in a medley with when I said goodbye and Under my Skin thrown in for good measure
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  15. W2K


    I can only imagine the hideous print quality this will be in.
  16. Faye was miming Tragedy!

    So are we getting some digital bundle ala the Night In Night Out editions of part 1 at some point this week?
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  17. What makes you think she was miming? They never tend to mime anymore.
  18. Her lips at the end of "loving yooooou."
  19. MB


    Oh I counted more boxes than that - my total was nearer to 1000 which I expect is probably about right.
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