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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Ordered a copy signed of amazon last night and came today. Its a lovely package. Love the booklet style casing
  2. Yeah the only streaming that's missing is Apple Music and Spotify for Monday and YouTube for Sunday and Monday.

    So the weekend streaming is on. Drake's sales have fallen off steeply. He's on less than 8k this week so far, compared to 26k at this point last week.
  3. Thank you, I wasn’t sure.
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  4. I don't think Michelle has tweeted or said anything on Instagram about the album. I hope she does, as she will reach a wider audience. She's about to be part of a UK top 2 album!

    Also Heartbreak in this City just crossed 2 million plays on Spotify. Really great for a song that started as a fourth single.
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  5. TMI


    Does someone have pictures from inside the deluxe?
  6. While I understand that A Hundred Years Of Winter is the next single. Yet (don't shoot me) it's not exactly my fav.
    Both Wasted Tears (that bridge is awesome) and Living In A Lie (oooh the Drama) would make perfect singles.
    I hope that one of those becomes a single.

    For obvious reasons I really hope that Trouble And Love finds a place outside the album, even if it's a one off performance.
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  7. It shocks me that she hasn't... Her reach could guarantee the no. 1.
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  8. Doing my best to stream whenever I listen to the album this week instead of all my purchased copies, haha.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Guess she just got paid for the one single era...
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  11. But surely she would want to be part of a #1 UK album? I mean it’s the best shot she’ll ever have?
  12. No point in her coming to the tour then.
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  13. Is she more active on Instagram or Twitter?
  14. Put it on mute and stream the album while you wait.
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  15. We are so lucky as fans. More albums the second time round than first time.who would have thought it would be STEPS thats did it! Camt explain the words what they did for me as a kid and now its cool to say u like STEPS. A colleague heard Take me for a ride ans said she thought it was great… i used to hide the fact i had the albums (long story) but now i just say! Thank you STEPS! Evem 25 years later you are making me feel accepted!

    Sorry i just hope this isnt now changing to a Greatest Hits tour..that should be next year.
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  16. Just caught up properly on This Morning. Both performances were amazing. I just hope Lisa filing a slander case against the caller who called them S Club 7 doesn't detract too much from album promo.
  17. You can't - it detects when you're not on the page and pauses!
  18. The album's out now - Take me for a ride. Well done Philip.
  19. Love this
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  20. I took this on Friday at the O2 -

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