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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. So in order to get the number one they would need to do their average sales for another two days + whatever the gap is behind the Manics plus a bit extra

    I'll say it again - come through with the digital download, instant sales that don't rely on despatching anything

    Make it happen they gave us all this when the gap with Barlow was insurmountable - was that just to keep them from slipping to 3?
  2. Ok so H's album propaganda got me fired up and i've just bought another copy of the album...that gap is too small and i would be gutted if they missed out on number 1 to such a small number
  3. 'LIVE UK TOUR' is so clunky.
  4. Stay on the page but open Spotify in the background. I did it earlier. Very annoying but worth it!
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  5. Well i am absolutely gutted... Coming home to find out that the bloody TV hasn't recorded This Morning even though it was a scheduled recording!!!
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  6. Where can i find the To The One remix
  7. MB


    on Lee’s album. £5. Bargain
    Only 20 copies left though so best be quick.

    8 copies of Fayes left
    46 Lisa
    52 H
  8. We knew the album was 4.99 on amazon right? This is amazing, come on number 1!!!
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  9. Lee's signed CD
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  10. The £4.99 price is being supplied by Chalkys - so I bought directly from Chalkys to get the free Poster for the same price

    It may be a poster but I feel like a mug!

    What's £4.99 between friends
  11. Oh No! Fuming! I was really looking forward to seeing her too!
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  12. Is it the bonus tracks that are making these the two lowest sellers each time?
  13. Come on, new digital version!
  14. Version 1 - WTFH PT 2 Remixes
    Version 2 - Steve Anderson Studio Mixes

    It would have number 1 written all over it!
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  15. Is the vinyl now sold out completely (not just the signed version)? I can’t see it on their store anymore.
  16. MB


    I’d guess so.
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  17. It seems to be. I guess they signed everything that was left and it sold out…
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  18. Just take my money. Take my cards. Here, have my PIN number.
  19. Either that or they've just removed it for the time being. The pink Part 1 vinyl is off there too.
  20. 100% This
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