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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm quite honestly surprised there's no digital deluxe on their site this go around. You'd think they have some other remixes on hand, surely. Hell, there's the Stomp acoustic in the same style as To the Beat somewhere lying around.
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  3. Boxing Day all over again
  4. Just saw Faye’s post about the Step One sweatshirt from a few hours ago and it’s sold out already. They should have included a copy of the album with it for a few extra sales.
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  5. MB


    Steptembers announcement of the farewell tour incoming.
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  6. Flooded by the masses after H's cry for help. "Come on, Steps fans. We need this!"


    He's right though.
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  7. It's coming.
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  8. I didn't have Internet access back then so it was just what was shown on TV, Guess I've never imagined what it was like as an og fan on message boards etc after finding out the news
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  9. As long as it's like Cher's we'll be fine.
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  10. W2K


    Literally the only chance I'd be buying another copy of this album.
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  11. Side note: Phil and Holly, (and Graham Norton), are so much more enjoyable than any talk show hosts here in the US. Won't lie, I use my VPN to regularly watch their shows because screw American television and its awful content.

    Think I was born in the wrong country.
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  12. My signed Claire album and the signed deluxe were here when I got home from work tonight. Really love the deluxe album and the whole design of it, even if it is a cardboard nightmare. I mean I am not going to be actually using this copy. But the artwork and photos of them are all gorgeous. I am really glad I bought them all, and can't wait to see the vinyl now too when it comes.
    Really wish I had have been able to get that Step One sweat shirt too, wish I wasn't at work today!

    Does anyone know the reason why Sophie isn't doing Belfast. I was ready to get my life to Heartbreak Made Me A Dancer and Bittersweet! Among others!
  13. Maybe the sites gone dark in preparation for a #1 album celebration
    It would be so fantastic for them to nab it.
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  14. Someone uploaded the medley performance.
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  15. I really love the styling on This Morning, and have to say I really, really love H's kilt/shorts look.
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  16. Great to see Steps on This Morning. Can you believe it’s been a decade since Holly and Phil were announcing the reunion?! (Well, just shy of a month).
  17. SBK


    Sites back, probably just cracked under the pressure of you all refreshing for the latest news.
  18. Still just a white screen for me…
  19. Has anyone mentioned the wrong mix on the Lisa CD? It's the Initial Talk edit, not the club mix.
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  20. That was a really great performance. It's true thatbsince Heartbreak they have been on a roll.
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