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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Yeah … not going to lie … I feel a bit cheated
  2. I hope they'll fix it, or at least give it to buyers as a download.
  3. Maybe it’ll be on the After Party edition and that’s why they haven’t said anything about it yet.
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  4. UltimateSteps have logged it with TM Stores

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  5. Yes me too. Do you think the kilt thing is all in one with the shorts or separate?
  6. Whoever is styling them since the 2017 reunion is really crushing it - it's the perfect 'adult' version of the 1998-all-one-colour vibe. And Faye is always in phenomenal popstar outfits.
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  7. Did anyone else think Faye sounded out of tune on the chorus of Take Me For A Ride?
  8. No I thought it was great to hear her harmonies.
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  9. I think it's maybe one piece. Is Frank Strachan still styling them?
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  10. Has it been discussed how the tour is now being billed as their ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ with the old logo?

    Almost implies it’s not selling too well?
  11. Steps are always going to do a Greatest Hits tour. In the way that like, Kylie and Cher are. They have all those hits, and everybody wants to hear them. I think this is sort a way of shifting whatever tickets are left. There aren't many.
  12. I mean, they only did 6 new songs on the Party tour, the other 18 tracks were all oldies so nothing new there.
  13. Agreed, there really is only some seats left so might as well sell the remaining ones on it being Greatest Hits angle.
  14. Loved the performances, they look great, sound great, so glad that they are back on TV!

    Heartbreak has passed 2 million streams on Spotify now. That’s got to be one of their most streamed from the newer material?

    Any idea when midweeks are going to be announced to see if Steps have caught up?
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  15. I've literally watched the video once when it came out and that was it. It has no rewatchability for me at all
  16. If ticket sales have been a bit slow to date; it’s probably because people (til now) haven’t known how COVID will affect gigs. Now that the UK is free it makes sense to go hard on the nostalgia angle since there’s no lingering doubt as to whether it’ll go ahead. There’s a whole bunch of brits who have spent the last 18 months inside and need a bright STEPTACULAR night out whereas the WTFH branding is a bit moodier
  17. It's true! This is already in the bag and takes zero effort to chuck this on their tmstore to get those extra sales! Take my moneyyyyyyyyyy
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  18. Been a huge while since I have posted in here. But I am following this chart battle so closely. They really do deserve that number 1. We have been absolutely spoilt this week. Splatter vinyl arrives today and ordered my Lisa signed CD. Wonder if they have any last minute stuff up their sleeve. Hopefully we get a chart update this morning.

    Both performances on This morning were great. Tight harmonies, great wardrobe and staging/Choreography.

    Do we think they are done with adding the individual cds now. I think they could definitely nap few more 5 cd bundle sales.

    Faye and Claire are both now sold out.
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  19. MB


    Excited to see where we’re upto with today’s chart update. Just remember that those signed vinyls won’t count yet as they’ve not been dispatched yet and I don’t think they’ll count till they have…
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  20. Hopefully they have managed to bridge the gap close enough so those vinyls dispatched later today manage to get them over the finished line!
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