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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Apart from anything else, it costs a lot of money to licence performances from the BBC.
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  2. They're 1,500 behind today

  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Bring out the afterparty already!
  4. Was yesterday the Manic’s ticket bundle? If we’ve got the vinyls to be dispatched and the ticket bundle then this could be tight.

    I wish they’d hurry up with the Afterparty. I think we’d have it
  5. Yikes getting slightly further behind. I thought we would have caught up a little bit more
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  6. They're going to need a considerable bump in sales to overcome that at this point in the week. They really needed to have closed the gap considerably.

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  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Afterparty. Edition. Get. It. Out. NOW!
  8. Is this your now called ‘The Greatest Hits Tour’? Picture on H Instagram showing Sophie supporting them on tour and says ‘Steps Greatest Hits Tour’ on image. Thought Steps 25 wasn’t till next year?
  9. Well none of the signed Vinyls have been shipped. So fingers crossed.
  10. Some members were discussing this a few pages back and they think that it’s being marketed as “The Greatest Hits Tour” to sell the last remaining tickets
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  11. MB


    They did have a ticket bundle on sale yesterday but like Steps' vinyls I doubt they'd have shipped yet plus Manics have another ticket bundle for another gig which will no doubt push a few more sales.

  12. Oh ok thanks that makes sense.
  13. I'm really surprised they haven't done a HMV price reduction yet like they did for What The Future Holds (part 1), especially when the gap is much closer than it was with Gary Barlow.
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  14. Steps are being let down by vinyl sales, and to a lesser extent cassette sales. It’s unfortunate that BMG didn’t consider it worthwhile to do variants of those formats on this occasion.

    In Tuesday’s midweeks, this was the formats breakdown:

    1. 19,962 - Manic Street Preachers
    12,094 CDs
    5,738 Vinyl
    1,102 Cassettes
    276 Streaming

    2. 18,864 - Steps
    14,459 CDs
    1,441 Vinyl
    795 Cassettes
    365 Streaming (I’m pleasantly surprised that Steps are achieving higher streams!)
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  16. If "So Pop" would've gone ahead I think they would have had a bit of a resurgence here. People seemed really perched for them.
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  17. They should do comps with digital albums being given, isn't that easier as they don't have to ship. Unless they then rely on the person actually downloading it to count.
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  18. I think they made the right decision - if you're going to do individual member covers it's better to do them on CD than tape. Unless you think they should have done an extra 5 vinyls and 5 cassettes as well? Wouldn't that be taking the piss?
  19. They needed a standard black vinyl in wider distribution.
    An Amazon exclusive picture disc vinyl.
    And a digital deluxe.

    They had great potential for number one this week. Such a shame.

    But a win on downloades and streaming.
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  20. Yes they do have to be downloaded to count
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