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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Steps are ruining me. Every time a copy arrives, something else goes up.
  2. Was tempted by this but I'll be away that week.
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  3. W2K


  4. Karaoke versions. I can live my fantasy.

    Alternative radio edit of Something In Your Eyes too.
  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

  6. Signed Vinyl should be shipped tomorrow.

    This is a real nail biter.

    And it's a shame that my laptop is bust. I purchased the downloads but I currently only have my phone. Tricky, very tricky. I need to download them by tomorrow to count for the charts. Yikes.
  7. YES!!!!! I bought that so bloody quickly.

    Get those extra sales. Bleed us dry god damn it.
  8. It’s almost odd that they released so many of the remixes on the plain / double version of the Part 2 album because it left them little to push on these Afterparty / Morning After versions.

    The alternate mix of Something In Your Eyes sounds like a demo? But is also musically quite different from the version they went with in the end. A lovely nugget though I would love to know the story behind it.

    and yay for karaoke.
  9. Did everyone just get a discount code in their email?

    It's only applicable if you buy the albums as separate purchases

    So you can get both for £9.98, £8.98 with discount code or £8 as the bundle

    Make it make sense
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  10. Check your inboxes, there is a discount code if you already bought the album.

    Does the sale still count if we do that?
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  11. The official store just sent me a code to ‘upgrade my order’ and get the new editions for 3.99.
    They will still count as extra sales won’t they?
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  12. Had a quick Google and it seems there's two stages at Leeds Student Union, one holds 1100 another holds 350. Do we know the capacity of this one? I nearly had a heart attack in anticipation of it going on sale but I'm surprised that hasn't been an instant sell out.

    I wonder if they'll announce any more of these gigs? I've been rinsed enough so I may as well carry on now. Take my money.
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  13. Just got an email from the Steps store for discount as well for the After Party / Morning After editions too.

    I suppose it’s the least we deserve for all of the purchases!
  14. Yassss for Karaoke!!!

    I’m fuming that A Hundred Years of Winter only get one remix tho.
  15. It’s also a little annoying that the remixes from the individual signed CDs are no longer exclusive to them, but on the up side we can now get the correct version of what should’ve been on Lisa’s cd.
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  16. … for now
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  17. Don’t get conned by the discount code. It’s a one off £1 off for a digital deluxe, making one £3.99, but you can get both for £8 in a bundle anyway.
  18. I missed the discount code email but it was only £8 for both versions. I'm currently high kicking round the house to the Extended Slightest Touch.

    Now if someone can use the karaoke version and make me a 20 minute stomper I'll be good to go.
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  19. Yay! Finally!

    So are all the mixes from the individual bundle CDs on this? Cannot wait to hear The Slightest Touch (7th Heaven Extended Mix) and Wasted Tears (Initial Talk Club Mix)!
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