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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. With so many new songs to fit in alongside the classics it will be tough but I really hope so too. I much prefer it to Heartbreak In This City and wish it had got the single treatment/video/performance slot instead.
  2. With 25 years of singles and 2 new albums it's safe to say I'll be leaving this tour a tad disappointed.

    This is why I always spoil the setlist. If I'd have gone to POTD ready and raring for Here & Now I would've been crushed
  3. Finally! Bought and bought.

    C'mon Steps!
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  4. W2K


    I'll literally cry floods of happy tears if they do it, but I'm not holding out much hope at this point.
  5. What's the difference in production between the single and album mixes of Heartbreak In This City, apart from the Michelle feature? I guess it's slightly different if there's a Steps-only single mix.
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  6. W2K


    The single mix is much beefier, with extra bells and whistles etc
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  7. The Steps only single mix of Heartbreak is the one. Sorry Michelle but you just did not come through on that middle 8.
  8. I've just realised the Leeds show that went on sale today is in between two dates on their tour.

    Wonder what sort of show it will be

    I don't live anywhere near Leeds but am now going twice in the space of a week.
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  9. MB


    They've said it'll be 5 songs and a Q&A. The Crash website says it'll only last 40 minutes. Shocked it hasn't sold out yet.
  10. I'm very surprised (and a little bit gutted) that they seem to have done a signing in almost every region, but Scotland, the South West and Wales.
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  11. Don't forget the dented HMV exclusives!

    This is literally the Belinda Carlisle reissue campaign and I'm living.
  12. I'd be pretty surprised - make that astonished - if the Manics or anyone around them were even remotely invested enough to do this.

    The chart battle talk is quite fun as a 90s throwback, but let's be real, this is entirely one-sided.
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  13. It's long sold out? Unless they've released more tickets
  14. See on the other hand, I'm astonished haven't used the 'If you want real music to top the charts, buy our album' card.
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  15. Oh dear! This really is rushed work Screenshot_20210915-161335_Yahoo Mail.jpg
  16. There are probably some bands who would have resorted to that, but I very much doubt the Manics would. Why should they? They've been around 30+ years and this is their 14th album. They have nothing left to prove. I guess Steps don't really either, but their fanbase is more invested for whatever reason.
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  17. W2K


    I've added the piano intro to the Steps Only Single Mix of Heartbreak, an 11/10.
  18. Anyone else a little underwhelmed with the remix package? I would hav assumed that the album tracks would have been remixed in the same vein as PT 1 album tracks.
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  19. still tickets available now

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  20. No issues on mine.
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