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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. As much as I like Take Me For A Ride as a casual mid-temp bop I can't help but feel that someone lied to them several times about it's greatness and single worthy excellence.
  2. Lucky for us (sort of) their concerts start this Saturday (and a free NHS concert Sunday) so I would imagine a surge of streams from gig goers next week however you would also then have streams for those looking forward to the concerts
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  3. "Someone" being Topham and Twigg.
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  4. SBK


    Remember way back when Karl Twigg said it was one of their best songs they'd written.

    (I guess maybe it is if you ignore about 20 odd from 1998-2002)
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Didn't he also said they'd written multiple songs for them?
    Any chance the really good one is saved for next year?
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  6. Is there a way to buy these digital downloads and have them appear in my iPhone without using my main computer?
  7. Well Twigg did also do Heartbreak In This City which is excellent. Maybe it was that one?
  8. I'm really enjoying Take Me For A Ride
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  9. It's definitely been a grower
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Ride grew for me in the context of the album but.. that's not saying much.
    Its production sounds at least finished
  11. Ride works better with the longer intro, it really gives the backing track more impact.
  12. Whilst I do think it was a questionable choice as the lead single for Part 2 (would have been better as single 2 or 3), I really like Take Me For A Ride. The video is one of my favourite post-2017, and the album version enhances it.
  13. Take Me for a Ride has grown on me too. I think from the live performances and just listening to it more with the rest of the album. Many times this week I’ve had it stuck in my head.
  14. Post 2017, I think Steps/their team have on several occasions favoured songs as singles that have an association with a 'well-known' writer/artist:
    Story of a Heart (Abba-connection)
    Dancing With A Broken Heart (Delta)
    What The Future Holds (not sure who this was written by!? Ha!)
    Take Me For A Ride (Twigg)
    Hundred Years of Winter (Darren Hayes)

    I wonder do they get overly-excited with the particular writer/artist connections to a song that they have recorded and thus perceive the song as 'better' or more single-worthy as a result of their own excitement? I just feel there have been a few cases where fans could have chosen 'better' singles. Glitter & Gold says hello.
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  15. MB


    I really enjoy the “acoustic” take me for a ride and alternate something in your eyes. It’s like they’ve been taken from the radio 2 live lounge.
  16. Is A Hundred Years confirmed as the next single then? I missed a few pages this last week
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  17. But I thought we had all agreed Take Me For A Ride and A Hundred Years of Winter were amongst their best tracks? Do we suddenly not like them? I can't keep up!
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  18. I love A Hundred Years of Winter! I think it's excellent and would love it as a single. I also really do like Take Me For A Ride, but I think that The Slightest Touch, Living In A Lie, and even Wasted Tears are all better singles choices.
  19. Now the list is duly completed.

  20. If they go off of streaming numbers then it's likely Slightest Touch and Wasted Tears may be possible choices.
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