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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. TMI


    Guess who has to pay €26 of tax to UPS before getting their parcel…I’m furious.
  2. You can use the code on each individual album, so £7.98, instead of £8 for the bundle

    A saving of 2p!

    Martin Lewis would be proud.
  3. There is going to be so many ways we can listen to this album (and Part 1 as well!)

    What The Future Holds
    What The Future Holds Night In Edition
    What The Future Holds Night Out Edition
    What The Future Holds Pt 2
    What The Future Holds Pt 2 Deluxe
    What The Future Holds Pt 2 Afterparty Edition
    What The Future Holds Pt 2 Morning After Edition
    And that's excluding the individual messages on the cassette and CD with each remix.

    We truly have been served the gifts this era!
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  4. Sorry I’ve I missed this but it’s hard to keep up with this topic.
    I’ve bought and downloaded the 2 new AfterParty and MorningAfter versions. Did I see that downloading them on a phone doesn’t count as a sale?
    I just want to make sure they will count as 2 sales.
  5. It counts if you download the full albums.
  6. So I think I'm just about done. I have the following...
    x2 Standard Edition (both with the free poster)
    x3 Deluxe 2CD (2 signed, 1 unsigned)
    x3 Vinyl (1 unsigned, 2 signed, of which 1 will be framed next to Part 1)
    x1 Cassette
    Afterparty Edition
    Morning After Edition
    x2 HMV Rainbow Edition Cover (1 Signed at HMV Westfield signing)

    EDIT: I forgot the x5 Signed Individual Covers! I knew I was missing something!

    The only other thing they could have done was a standard black pressing of vinyl, and perhaps another cassette variant. Crossing everything for Friday!
  7. You beat me. I only have 9 which is 9 more than I need in the streaming era and considering I don’t much care for remixes. Still, the deluxe edition CD looks good.
  8. Did you not iTunes download? Flop fan
  9. I love This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, and especially the artwork for that album. I have to say it’s tempting just for the poster…
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  10. *Runs to iTunes holding my Steps Fan Club membership card*
  11. TMI


    Is the megamix made of the original songs or remixes?
  12. I just wanna say.... The Slightest Touch (7th Heaven Extended Mix) is FLAWLESS!
  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Don’t you dare until 00:01am on Friday!!
  14. I want them to play dirty tomorrow - I would absolutely buy a bundle of digital download + CD that shipped tomorrow, if they were bundled with signed prints of Step One/Steptacular/Buzz cover art that would ship in a few weeks… they clearly have the rights to the imagery if they’re doing Step One sweatshirts!
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Neither, it’s sort of a homogeneous beat throughout the whole thing to keep it all at a similar tempo.
  16. Nothing like peer pressure for an extra sale!
  17. TMI


    Is that…good ?
  18. I love the megamix remix!
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  19. SBK


    Manics tour bundle was only announced at 5pm last night
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  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    It’s a nice little addition to the era, yes.
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