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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. So what do we think they were shooting/filming today?
    It looks like a new photo shoot but a music video/performance video/s would be an awesome extra treat.
  2. Calendar shoot I reckon
  3. The acoustics of Take Me For A Ride and The Slightest Touch are really nice. Especially The Slightest Touch, that instrumental break- wow.

    Interesting to hear the Karaokes as Backing Tracks. Lee's backing vocals in The Slightest Touch are actually pretty great.

    I'm not so much of a remix fan but the new one of Take Me For A Ride is Ok.

    Nice addition of the Alternative Something In Your Eyes and Steps Only Heartbeat In This City. I wouldn't mind more of this.

    The megamix is cool, although it would be great to finish off with The Slightest Touch. Glad they included To The Beat Of My Heart, I was worried for a second.

    Not bad, but would loved some more mixes from Part 2 album tracks (maybe) and more visuals.
  4. But that's a new sentence.
    "Warm Skies are changing.
    A Hundred Years Of Winter erasing ."

    However I get where they are coming from.

    Just a silly little niggle.
  5. Well...

    Suggest otherwise!

    It's not that deep though. I think it's only natural for anyone close to getting a #1 album in the UK to want to go all the way. Both sides are trying things to push them past the finish line first, sales are going up so both bands are winning, as well as the fans that want to purchase the extra stuff. For both bands to be around for so long and to be competing for #1 is an achievement in itself.
  6. Yea, but songs are more akin to poetry and can also be a bit more abstract and less linear I think. I mean nobody really stole the heart from anyone's chest and left a stain across the waste land but that's what it says. It's just poetic imagery. A Hundred Years of Winter sort of paints little scenes like that. Sentences don't have to make logical sense and I think it's actually more this.

    "And warm skies are changing a hundred years of winter, erasing
    All the pain in melting, love is returning to me"

    Which makes perfect sense.
  7. It's strange because I sort of accepted them not getting #1 with Tears on the Dancefloor (probably just shocked they were even in line for #2) and then with What The Future Holds (apprehensive about how they'd fare in Covid times sales-wise), but for some reason really want them to bag this number one. I think they really want it too, and it'd be great press angle for future appearances and for the 25th. I'd much rather have this, a studio album, go to number one than a future hits collection, as that just seems easier in a way.

    Anyway, I've purchased the new editions and my big takeaways so far are the acoustic versions of Take Me For A Ride and The Slightest Touch, which are both brilliant, but does anyone notice on the latter a bit of a lispy 's' sound in the chorus. Mild, but it's there for me. I also finally enjoy To The Beat of My Heart in acoustic form. I think it was the production, rather than the song, I disliked.

    The megamix is a lot of fun too, love that it's a bit of a disco take on all of the singles together. I think we've done very well out of content. Yes, some live videos would have been nice but I sort of knew that wasn't happening because when asked during the Take Me For a Ride video premiere, Claire said it was something they might film while on tour!

    Anyway I'm sure they're not done milking us yet, we still have tour merch to go, please don't let it carry the imagery of the rebranded "all the hits" vibe. The Future look was so much sexier. Save the nostalgia for next year.
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  8. Agreed. I think the words are just in an unusual order (which is indeed common in poetry).

    "Warm skies are changing, a hundred years of winter erasing" = "Warm skies are changing [and are] erasing a hundred years of winter."
  9. I want them to play even dirtier. Exclusive access to The Slightest Touch performance/video if you buy 17 albums at £3.50.

    Or even just "Faye's werk dress bundle." 47 copies of the album for 79p. Access to Faye's werk dress content only valid after downloading all 47 copies.
  10. Can we also have Faye's actual werk dress added to the bundle too. Signed.
  11. They all look stunning on H's Insta-stories; I love the sixties aesthetic...I wonder what they're filming!? H said it was 'very exciting' - could just be tour footage but I'd love for it to be a TV special of some kind.

    I still love Part 2 and delighted they're in a 'chart battle' like it's 1999!

    On a slightly negative note- I'm miffed that Sophie Ellis-Bextor is apparently not supporting them for the Belfast date anymore. Whilst I understand there is likely a legitimate reason, I feel the Belfast fans should at least get an explanation/formal acknowledgement that it's not happening; given that it was heavily promoted that Sophie would be the support act for all (not selected) dates. That said, I'd be going to see Steps irrespective of who was supporting them but it would be nice for their team to formally acknowledge this. Perhaps they're waiting until they agree another support act before they do so
  12. If she didn't sign it it would be rarer. I feel like I can't pick anything up in my house without seeing their scribbles on the back of it. Love it, though.
  13. It's looks like styles from Various decades (one foot in the past) but think would have a little break before doing tour video work
  14. I thought they already did tour backgrounds back when they did Take Me For A Ride. Claire's hair reminded me of Love's Got a Hold on My Heart.
  15. Considering the whole "6th member" thing I really am shocked (despite obviously having £££s for the single that MV hasn't contributed in any form to the album promo. Still.
  16. Very true and in that way it does.
    Just something that has been niggling at me all week.
  17. Oh F**k! I just realised that they gave us the Steps only vocal version of the single mix of Heartbreak In This City! They are just the gift that keeps on giving!
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  18. Me too and a little bit disappointed to be honest.
    Unless she could be there to give the album legs on the long run.
  19. W2K


    You took your time!
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  20. Hahahah... I was out today and have just got back and listening for the first time now.
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