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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Whilst Karl Twigg himself is living in a lie, those two didn’t write that song.
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  2. Oh. I've not looked at the booklet but on spotify it shows this:

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  3. 25th Anniversary world Tour incoming then
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  4. Don't forget if you booked the event travel tickets final payment date is coming up
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  5. SBK


    I'm sure he meant All out of love
  6. Take Me For A Ride for meant for the 25th.
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  7. That would be a bad way to decide. The streaming figures could imply people gave the album a whirl and switched off after / during Wasted Tears.
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  8. Plot twist: they knew H and HRH LSL would be so popular that they printed twice as many of their CDs.
  9. Does anyone know if this week has had any effect on Part 1? Has there been any increase for him?
  10. The radio edit of A Hundred Years Of Winter is gonna end up being butchered, isn’t it? The Untouchable of it all.
  11. Do we think they have any final tricks up their sleeves today? I am assuming nothing format-wise as they wouldn't be able to send it out in time to count?
  12. Ladies, come on - release a Night In / Night Out digital exclusive for an extra 500 copies sold! Come ON.
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  13. They did yesterday?
  14. Oh, did not see those! Going to download them ASAP!
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  15. How many more days left of sales are there until the charts are announced?
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  16. W2K


    Never trust steaming! It was written by Thomas G:Son et al, who wrote Something in Your Eyes.
  17. Yesterday it was midweek #200. It wasn't in the midweeks the day before that!
    Today is the last day of sales that'll count towards tomorrow's chart. However yesterday was the last day that streams from Spotify and Apple Music (and maybe other platforms) are counted.
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  18. Just need official shipping confirmation of the Signed vinyls.

    And I really would love to know a final midweek update.
  19. MB


    I expect you’ll get both soon enough.
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  20. I just noticed in my account that I have downloads available for all the individual covers that I bought multiples of to gift people. If I download these will it give extra sales? It just appears to be the bonus tracks not the main album so I'm not sure...
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