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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Ride works better with the longer intro, it really gives the backing track more impact.
  2. Whilst I do think it was a questionable choice as the lead single for Part 2 (would have been better as single 2 or 3), I really like Take Me For A Ride. The video is one of my favourite post-2017, and the album version enhances it.
  3. Take Me for a Ride has grown on me too. I think from the live performances and just listening to it more with the rest of the album. Many times this week I’ve had it stuck in my head.
  4. Post 2017, I think Steps/their team have on several occasions favoured songs as singles that have an association with a 'well-known' writer/artist:
    Story of a Heart (Abba-connection)
    Dancing With A Broken Heart (Delta)
    What The Future Holds (not sure who this was written by!? Ha!)
    Take Me For A Ride (Twigg)
    Hundred Years of Winter (Darren Hayes)

    I wonder do they get overly-excited with the particular writer/artist connections to a song that they have recorded and thus perceive the song as 'better' or more single-worthy as a result of their own excitement? I just feel there have been a few cases where fans could have chosen 'better' singles. Glitter & Gold says hello.
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  5. MB


    I really enjoy the “acoustic” take me for a ride and alternate something in your eyes. It’s like they’ve been taken from the radio 2 live lounge.
  6. Is A Hundred Years confirmed as the next single then? I missed a few pages this last week
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  7. But I thought we had all agreed Take Me For A Ride and A Hundred Years of Winter were amongst their best tracks? Do we suddenly not like them? I can't keep up!
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  8. I love A Hundred Years of Winter! I think it's excellent and would love it as a single. I also really do like Take Me For A Ride, but I think that The Slightest Touch, Living In A Lie, and even Wasted Tears are all better singles choices.
  9. Now the list is duly completed.

  10. If they go off of streaming numbers then it's likely Slightest Touch and Wasted Tears may be possible choices.
  11. I love Take Me for a Ride, I just wish The Slightest Touch had been given the proper single/video treatment too.
  12. Sooo with the lack of extra vinyls I had to resort to a signed CD from none other than HRH Lisa.
  13. It feels right. It feels correct!
  14. If you really thought that much of HRH LSL and how devastated she'll be of they don't hit no. 1, you'd have bought all the remaining stock lol
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  15. I’m not usually a fan of remixes but I’m really enjoying the Afterparty Edition, especially the Shortland Club Mix of A Hundred Years of Winter tonight. Hope an edit of it appears at some point.
  16. I hope Darren Hayes is on a zoom call song writing session with Walter Afanasieff now knocking out something wonderful for the 25th Greatest hits. Steps GHV2 More Glitter and Gold.
  17. Am I right in thinking Light Up The World was also a Topham and Twigg leftover? I like Take Me For A Ride but I definitely agree it was ridiculous to choose it over The Slightest Touch or a beefier Victorious as lead single. You would think Peter Loraine would tell them that. I guess Radio 2 playability is more important to them... although I think it's mainly super fans who are buying 57 copies of the album, rather than casual Radio 2 listeners.
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  18. That’s my theory… take me for a ride is definitely not career best. The way he was going on about it, it was as if every gay would lose their sh*t upon hearing it. I’m hoping this amazing song will launch the super greatest hits
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  19. I’ve bought a ticket for the Leeds student union gig… anyone want a lift from Manchester to and from?
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  20. If i download the new digital editions tomorrow will it be too late to add to chart
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