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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. No they’ll still count.
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  2. Is the alternate mix for Something In Your Eyes just like a performance version? It kind of sounds like something from the Royal Variety or something.

    And of course, bought the 13th copy today. My poor bank account.
  3. Take Me For A Ride was the right choice, and I agree with Topham/Twigg that it’s one of their finest.

    Aside from A Hundred Years of Winter, it’s the most refreshing song on the record. It doesn’t feel like another take on any of the songs from Part 1, or like a Tears leftover.

    The Slightest Touch didn’t excite me anywhere near as much as Ride, but I do understand why many fans would love to have it out there as a single and music video.

    I think pretty much all of the singles post 2017 have been correct, whether they were chosen due to their quality or their connection, it always made sense to me. Sure, Glitter & Gold would have been nice in place of Neon Blue but we all know the band love that song, and it’s nice for them to have those moments that they enjoy.

    It’s very hard to argue the singles run of Part 1 I think. Perhaps it was the quality of the videos too, but they excited me a lot more than the Tears singles. It felt like a proper old school Steps album era.
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  4. What The Future Holds
    Something In Your Eyes
    A Million Years
    Under My Skin
    Take Me For A Ride
    Heartbreak In This City
    To The Beat Of My Heart
    A Hundred Years Of Winter
    To The One
    The Slightest Touch

    This is the album I'll be keeping and playing.

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  5. Light Up The World was a Karl Twigg written song, nothing to do with Mark Topham. It existed before the Steps Reunion so in that sense it was a leftover. Ride is in another league altogether, thank God.
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    To think that I dismissed Take Me For A Ride when it first came out as sounding like a rejected demo! I fully admit I was wrong on that, and I now love it.

    The conversations you avoid
    Tells me I’m not paranoid

    is a great lyric, it keeps going round in my head.

    However I do wish there was a different “noise” in the instrumental bit in the middle, because it makes me think of The Sooty Show.

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  7. Ha! Mollie was deliberately left off the list, as in my humble opinion, To the Beat of my Heart deserved lead-single status and a video! The Great Pop INjustice of 2020.
  8. 100% agree with this. That's the perspective I was coming from...whilst I like both songs, I think they are elevated to single status because of their origins/associations when The Slightest Touch and Living In A Lie are arguably 'better' choices
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  9. Lee's cd isn't appearing anymore. It's only H and Lisa left
  10. Thinking of all the singles we’ve had over Part 1 & 2 and it’s hard to rank them because most of them have been bloody great!
  11. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but did we ever find out which song was brought forward from the 25th anniversary?
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  12. I love Felicia Hardy
  13. Northern Ireland still has following restrictions for indoor gigs:
    -1m social distancing
    -no dancing
    -seated only

    Several recent sold-out indoor gigs have had to be re-scheduled. This is set for a review on September 23...can we all keep our fingers crossed that this doesn't become a major Pop Injustice
  14. I would think Slightest Touch - has anyone noticed it's been said a few times that it's 10 track album?
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  15. I think they say 10 new tracks as Heartbreak in this City is a carryover from the previous album
  16. As long as you remember to download the files after purchase
  17. Why are the Night In etc. editions not iTunes?
  18. I bought Lee and Faye CD ….knowing they would be the first ones gone #loveleeandfaye
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  19. Some of the karaoke versions are a bit all over the place. In To The Beat Of My Heart they’ve just cut the vocals from the verses and left them seemingly full in the choruses. One one of them (maybe What The Future Holds) it seems like they forgot to turn Lisa’s vocal down and suddenly remembered. Still amazing to have.
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  20. Remember on Boxing Day 2001 when everyone piled on them thinking it was they who had left…
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