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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    I just downloaded then deleted the album tracks straight away as I don’t need several copies on my Mac (there are enough on my damn shelves)
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  2. Bloody hell, this is to the wire.
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  3. I think the panic seems to suggest that more have bought it and may not have downloaded. Maybe they know 150 people haven't downloaded them which could help snatch it.
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  4. Have the signed vinyl sales been added on yet?

    My nerves a shot, why am I so invested in this?
  5. It will be amazing if they can clinch that number 1 spot! But it’s going to drop like a stone next week - I do wonder where they would chart if we hadn’t all purchased several copies each.
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  6. Oh my god this is so close.
  7. Wow… really to the wire! It’s going to sink like a stone next week but let’s hope they don’t just miss out…
  8. 300 wow. Totally nail biter.

    They would have got this in the bag if they released a Black vinyl in wider distribution or/and even an Amazon/HMV exclusive vinyl.

    And I hope the signed Vinyls haven't been included yet as have they been officially shipped?

    Come on Steps!
  9. I’m trying to download the new digital deluxe versions but just getting error 419 when I try and check out.

  10. Have the signed vinyls been dispatched yet?
  11. MB


    It's more like 600 who haven't downloaded yet. I don't get why you'd buy something then not download it.
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  12. They just played 'Living in a lie' on Radio 2
  13. Oh my christ, this is too much.

    I'm worried that there's nothing left in the tank to pull in the extra sales today though, when the Manics probably have sales still to add.

    I know there's vinyls still to ship aren't there, but can they compete with these bundles the Manics are offering? Urgh, my nerves are going to be shredded tomorrow.
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  14. It appears multiple times in my download 1 each as a zip along with mp3 only files and then again with mp3 & flac options without a zip option so maybe they are only tracking one lot (i have downloaded everything just incase included the solo download covers)
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  15. If I download every digital copy I have, for example the standard, each individual members CD and the 2 new deluxe ones - do they each count as a sale?
  16. As they are essentially "free instant grats" these will not count.

    Only "purchased downloads" count.
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  17. YES!
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  18. So I've downloaded the albums for splatter vinyl and my Lisa signed CD will this just count as 2 sales or 4? Also order chalkies cd poster version Tuesday haven't received it yet does that mean that sale hasn't counted yet?
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  19. I don't have a Zip file for the Morning After edition, just the individual tracks... is this the same for everyone?
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  20. Scroll up it appears twice on my downloads page
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